Will this USB Based Vault Keep You Safe While Shopping On Line?

ID Vault is a portable protection service which offers several special features to not only keep your information safe but to make your on line shopping experience easier — most of the time. Read more ….

As consumers, we don’t just want our cake and to eat it too. We want to order our new cake pan on-line and have it delivered without worrying that we’ve put ourselves at risk for identity theft. We don’t want to worry that when we order on line from the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker that we’ve exposed ourselves to identity theft. Yet, every time we log on and enter our user name, pin and credit or debit card information, our risk can increase.
ID Vault is a product that can offer on-line banking and shopping customers some protection.
What is ID Vault?
ID Vault offers a USB security token with an embedded smart card chip that it easy to use. There are three steps:
1. Plug your ID Vault in to your USB port.
2. Choose the online account you want to log in to.
3. Enter your ID Vault PIN to unlock your username and password.
ID Vault remembers all of your user names and passwords, which is very helpful in addition to protecting you. You only have to remember a single PIN number. Now you can be automatically signed in with just a few mouse clicks. No more typing isn’t just covenant, it’s also safer.
You are now logged in to your online account quickly and securely, and can bank, shop and invest online with confidence.

How Does ID Vault Protect You?

ID Vault protects you against phishing, pharming and keystroke logging, three common means of identity theft.
It encrypts and stores usernames and passwords for up to 100 on-line accounts and also credit card information for up to 25 credit cards.
If your ID Vault is stolen, no one can access your information without your PIN.

The System Requirements for ID Vault

* Windows XP or Windows Vista
*Internet Explorer version 6.0 or higher
* Minimum 600 MHz processor
*Minimum 512 MB RAM
*At least 40 MB of free disk space
*One free USB 1 or USB 2 port
*One CD-ROM or DVD drive
What You Should Know About ID Vault
Software reviewers have found ID Vault easy to use. Consumers agree that ID Vault is easy and can be very helpful. However, the biggest consumer complaints regarding ID Vault involve financial institutions and consumer shopping sites that are not compatible with ID Vault. Depending on the diversity of your on-line habits, ID Vault may work with more or less of your favorite on-line transactions. Consumers should research the compatibility of this product with their own favorites before purchasing.
ID Vault is $39.99 at their site and this includes the USB security token with an embedded smart card chip and a one year subscription to ID Vault services. Consumers should note, as their web site discloses that after one year an ID Vault subscription must be renewed at current subscription prices.
Keylogging, phishing and pharming can not only take the cake, but your identity, your money and your credit too. ID Vault can be a helpful tool to protect against identity theft. In addition to identity theft protection, ID Vault can also save you time as it eliminates remembering and retyping password after password as you shop or bank on-line. Everyone has unique shopping habits so all consumers should research whether or not ID Vault is a good match for you.