Will New Innovations From 2013 International CES Put Your Information at Risk?

The 2013 International CES was host to plenty of exciting exhibits to choose.  Revenues for consumer electronics are expected to keep growing to new record levels! At the show, over 20,000 new products were launched from more than 3,250 exhibitors, making it a sure bet that there is something for everyone being revealed. There’s always a lot of excitement for CES because it’s often a first look at the years’ best new innovations.

Going Wireless in More Ways

There were more than 1,200 exhibitors showing off their wireless technology this year. Wireless technology is taking center stage at CES this year, including new and improved smartphones and tablets, making it more important than ever that people understand how to protect their information and identity when using these devices.

With that many exhibitions, there are bound to be plenty of awesome gadgets and programs, but it can often take security software a while to catch up to protecting the newest generation toys. Of course, with that many different exhibits, it’s highly probably that at least a few of them are aimed at protecting your information and your identity. Just be careful when using new wireless devices to make sure you are keeping your personal info protected.

Your Health and Medical Privacy

Another big showing at CES this year included health and fitness gadgets and apps. Unfortunately, they haven’t yet figured out how to make a medical tricorder a reality, but some of the health based items are still pretty awesome. The risky business here is that some of these innovations are meant to give you access to your entire medical history, and if those have any risk of breach, that could lead to some serious privacy issues.

It’s not unheard of for the leak of medical records having far reaching effects on other aspects of peoples’ lives. For example, some people have lost their jobs after it was discovered they suffered from certain medical conditions that had nothing to do with their work. Sure, it would be handy to check on your latest lab test results at your convenience, but would it be secure?

While new technology may be impressive, it also comes with new risks in many cases. Make sure you know how secure your new gadgets are going to keep your privacy, so that you don’t find yourself with a stolen identity or a breach of privacy, and hours of work cleaning up the mess.