Who’s in your Zip Code?

Sure, on rare occasions, you’ll see a convicted sex offender on the news and think, “Yes, he definitely would have creeped me out. I would have known and kept my children away from him.”
Most of the time however, convicted sex offenders simply look just like a neighbor, a scout leader, a coach, a youth group chaperon or a math teacher. There’s a reason for that. That’s exactly how sex offenders want to appear to you and to your kids too. To commit their horrid crimes, sex offenders depend on blending in and appearing trustworthy to you and your children.
Facts and Figures on Sex Offenders
-Sex Offenders are 70% more likely to be arrested for molesting a child 13 years old or younger.
-Of released sex offenders accused of committing a sex crime, 40% perpetrated a new offense within a year.
Of the hundreds of thousands of convicted sexual offenders under the care, custody or control of corrections agencies, 60% are living in communities.
How would you know if a sex offender was in your neighborhood?
Likely, you wouldn’t. ZipOffenders.com has a nationwide database that includes sex offender’s information. At ZipOffenders.com you can enter your zip code and find out:
-Names of sex offenders
-Types of offenses
-Maps of where they live compared to your home, schools or favorite parks
Is someone new to your area? Don’t worry. ZipOffender.com can do a nationwide search for a first and last name. A middle initial and an approximate age will help zone in the search too. Generally, you only know what people want you to know about them but when it comes to your kids, your grandchildren and all of those you love, an instant search is worth your time.
Sex offenders don’t walk around with a big S.O. on their sweatshirt. What do you really know about the day care teacher’s husband who seems to be there a lot, the new neighbors who invite your kids over for ice-cream or the assistant soft ball coach for your daughter’s team?
Now you don’t have to go search court records or hire a private investigator. In fact, private investigators and retired law enforcement are frequent users and big fans of ZipOffenders.com.
You can do an instant records check for your zip code for only $14.95 and you can also add a one year unlimited search pass for a one time billing of just $9.95. At ZipOffenders.com you never pay if there is no information available. Put in your search information and ZipOffenders.com will instantly let you know what information is available.
Other Search Options at ZipOffenders.com:
-Basic Background Searches
-People Searches by Name
-People Searches by Phone
-People Searches by Address
-Relative Searches, Business Search by Name and Phone
-Reverse IP Search
-Property Records Search
-Census Searches
You can see a sample report at ZipOffenders.com. Reports at ZipOffenders.com are:
-are instant
-easy to access
If you’ve got questions, ZipOffenders.com has over 1 billion answers. Who’s in you zip code?