What’s Posted about You Online and Do You Really Want it There?

Have you ever Googled or used other search engines to find out what is posted on-line about you? What if you don’t like what you find? What do you do?

Google and AARP have broadened their services to providing videos which may help you with your safety online. These videos will help you to discover what is posted online about you with simple step by step instructions on how to get the information removed from search engines as well as webpages.
Protect yourself and your information, be persistent, and you can work to keep your information off of the internet — which AARP video refers to as a virtual card catalog of information on just about everything and everyone.
There is some truth to that, depending on who you are, and how much information is out there about you.
Use this information to make sure what is “out there” about you is only what you want to have out there.

Check out all the videos Google and AARP created at the YouTube Channel about personal information protection.
And here’s the post about finding what information about you is online at the official Google Blog

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  1. This article would be great if it included links to the GOOGLE and AARP pages that address these issues, including the video pages.

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