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VMWare Coupon: Workstation Coupon Codes

VMWare Coupon Code 1: Workstation coupon for Everyone
(This coupon gives everyone 20% off VMware Workstation 7)

VMWare Coupon Code 2: Workstation Coupon Code for students
(This coupon is an offer to students:get Workstation 7 for $113. Upgrade for just $59!)

Not that long ago, we posted about the incredible features of VMWare and how Workstation is serving developers and students alike. Today, we’re just reminding you of the Workstation coupon codes VMWare has made available.

There are many benefits to using VMWare Workstation, which is why millions of people all over the world use the software.

For one, the unity mode within VMWare integrates applications. This lets you pull in applications from virtual machines (Linux and Windows), and has them running as if they are part of your computer. Cutting and pasting, dragging and dropping, and using printers without installing drivers make the virtualization of your system a reality, while having the environment feel as though you’re working on just one machine. Continue reading VMWare Coupon: Workstation Coupon Codes

Workshare Compare Professional

Workshare Compare Professional
Promo code lets you save 10% on Workshare.

Workshare Compare Professional lets you make multiple revisions in multiple documents or powerpoint presentations.

Professionals collaborating on one document or presentation can have backed up copies of each version (the ability to revert back to any previous version of the document/presentation).

Additionally, you can see all the revisions from each user over time so that you can compare what kinds of work changes have happened within the document, who has made those changes, and when they were made.

Workshare Professional used to be called DeltaView. The program definitely does what it is designed to accomplish. Continue reading Workshare Compare Professional

VMWare Promo Codes: Workstation Promo Codes

We have found two Promo Codes for VMWare Workstation. In the hopes that one of these will save you money on VMWare, we have listed both codes below.

Promo Code 1: Everyone
Take 20% off VMware Workstation 7.1

Promo Code 2: Workstation Promo Code for students
Students can get Workstation 7 for $113 or Upgrade for only $59!

From time to time, VMWare offers some really great promo codes on different products. These promo codes that we’ve come across are for VMWare Workstation.

One of the promo codes works for everyone, and the other code is designed to help students save money. (Just have your student ID ready to get the promotional rate.)

VMWare has rapidly expanded it’s business, and it’s no wonder. With desktop virtualization software in such high demand, VMWare is a business poised with the right product in the right market at the right time.

In case you don’t know, Workstation from VMWare lets you run multiple operating systems side-by-side. As a result, VMware Workstation is being used by people in many different roles and functions within work and home environments. Although Workstation is designed to meet lots of different kinds of needs, they are focused on helping technical professionals in their work tasks as they develop, test, demo, and deploy software.

Remember how difficult it used to be to test software? You actually had to have multiple machines and sit down with your software on each machine and work with each operating system. But that is now an issue of the past because you can test multiple environments from within VMware Workstation.

Because of this, if you are developer of any kind, this is a tool that should be a major part of your development process.

Because VMware Workstation 7 is designed to work optimally on both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7 PCs, you are able to do an incredible amount of work in a very short amount of time. You can run legacy applications while having shared folder access.

And all of VMWare’s tools, including Workstation, are designed with the drag and drop interface that computer users around the world know and use..

VMWare Workstation will let you run applications in Linux, Windows, and a bunch of other Operating systems, all on the same PC, and you don’t have to re-boot. This gives you a way to test how your software works on all operating systems while doing so in an environment that is separate from your computer’s primary operating system.

Demonstrating software with Workstation is one of it’s most powerful features. If you are at a conference or convention, or even just making screen capture videos and putting them on YouTube, you can demonstrate how simply your software applications work across platforms, on a single laptop. Because VMWare Workstation ties in easily with Visual Studio, Eclipse, and SpringSource Tool Suite, debugging your applications becomes quick and straightforward.

Run time errors? No problem.

Using VMWare, you have the ability to create virtual machines. You can show the performance on a virtual machine with up to 8 virtual processors or 8 virtual cores.

You can even demo software on virtual machines with up to 32 GB of memory per virtual machine.

And of course, you have the safety and security of knowing that your virtual machines are protected and located far away from thieves or copycats because WMWare has 256-bit AES encryption, as well as smart card authentication.

The purpose of this post today is really just to let you know about these promo codes for VMWare Workstation. We’ll be back to actually review the product later, but if you already know you want to purchase VMWare, you should use the promotional codes below to save yourself some money.

Promo Code 1: Everyone
Take 20% off VMware Workstation 7.1

Promo Code 2: Workstation Promo Code for students
Students can get Workstation 7 for $113 or Upgrade for only $59!

Workshare Promo Code

Promo Code #1
Save 10% on Workshare Compare
Use this promo code and save 10% off your order.

Today’s post really is just to talk about the promo code above. We’ll have a review of Workshare later on this week or next. However, we’ll share some of the basics about Workshare now.

Lots of attorneys use Workshare already because it is more effective for them to compare code and notes side by side using Workshare than using the code markup tools in Word.

But you don’t have to be an attorney to see the value from using a program like Workshare Compare or Workshare Professional.

The reason people really like Workshare is because the perception is that Word (from Microsoft) does a pretty poor job of tracking revisions to documents. Continue reading Workshare Promo Code

Encryption: How Does Encryption Work

In this interview, Paul Herbka, VP of South Seas Corporation, based out of Colorado, USA, answers the question: “How does encryption work.”
He also helps to understand everything from file and data encryption to WEP Encryption, and talks about a variety of the software and security solutions available in the market today.
Take a listen to the interview, and/or read the transcript below.

Download this “How does Encryption Work Interview in MP3 Format”

Continue reading Encryption: How Does Encryption Work

The Identity Theft Task Force at work

The Identity Theft Task Force has gone to work in Washington, offering some really good ideas on what should be done to curb and slow the growth of Identity Theft.
One interesting point from the article at Information Week is this:

Victims of identity theft should be allowed to seek restitution from defendants for time spent undoing damage from the offense, according to interim recommendations issued Tuesday by a federal task force on ID theft.

This is an excellent suggestion. There is, however, a challenge with it. That challenge is to ask the question, who is the defendant?

Continue reading The Identity Theft Task Force at work

Identity Theft Is Okay When used for a job? New York Times Article

The New York Times ran a large article spread today covering something we have been talking about for a long time: Identity theft isn’t just about financial gain.
Oh really? You mean that those cute Citibank ads aren’t really explaining the whole problem of Identity Theft to me?

Continue reading Identity Theft Is Okay When used for a job? New York Times Article