Data Rescue 3 (for PC Windows Users)

————- Save $60 over retail on Data Rescue 3 PC by getting it on Amazon Link below takes you directly to Amazon price and page: Mac Version here: ————- I saw someone online say that Data Rescue 3 for Windows was made by a company called Recoversoft. I’m fairly certain (99.999% sure) that …

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Sweep your PC Clean of Spyware with Webroot Spyware Sweeper

Webroot Spyware Sweeper does not just remove spyware. It also detects and stops it from entering your hardware and software before it can do damage. It kills spies as they appear, in real time. Through the use of 16 smart shields and stops spyware threats like Trojan, SpySheriff and Downloader-Low Zones, and variations of them. Learn more about Webroot Spyware Sweeper.