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iVPN Discount and Review

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A VPN is a way for you to connect to the Internet in a secure, non-trackable way. And there are lots of potential uses for a VPN beyond security.

However, there are many parties who have an interest in watching what you do online. Blocking their access can be accomplished through a VPN Service quite easily.

If you are a privacy minded person, you likely are already aware of all the ways in which your Internet activity is monitored. And if you are looking to have a good level of control over what’s happening with the information you’re sharing while you’re on the Internet, you should look into a VPN.

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Depending on what you like to do online, a VPN is very often an excellent way to keep your computer connections safe through secure communication.

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How a VPN works:

The idea behind a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is to give a direct connection from your computer to a server. Then, from that server, you connect with others and surf the internet.

You can think of a VPN as a kind of secret underground tunnel from your home to a trusted friend’s home in another neighborhood. If you go out for a walk, no one in your neighborhood will even know, because as far as they know, you never left your house. Continue reading iVPN code: Coupon code for iVPN

Virtual Credit Cards Protect Your Real Credit Card Information

On-line shopping is easy, convenient, saves gas and time. But how can we, as consumers, shop safely when so many instances of credit card theft occur as a result of using our credit cards on-line, especially with those sites that “store” your credit card information. Since we are shopping in the virtual world, why not use virtual credit cards?
As millions of people have become victims of identity theft, consumers have become savvy and cautious about how they use and protect their personal information, including their credit card numbers. Many people want to enjoy the convenience of shopping on-line and saving time and money, especially with today’s gas prices, but are fearful of using their actual credit card numbers on line.

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