Skype Spam/Scam from Scum: Rory

This is new. I’m being scammed/spammed via my Skype account from a Rory Gilbert. Of course, it’s simple for scummy scammers to create thousands of fake Skype accounts and send out scams and spam like this. In any case, if you hear from this particular Rory Gilbert on Skype, you should know that this is …

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Your Grandparents May Be Victims of Identity Theft

Over the holidays, I did a lot of visiting with my grandparents. When I told my grandmother that I have been writing stories about identity theft protection, she mentioned a scam that she had heard about concerning identity thieves targeting senior citizens. New Scam Apparently, scammers are currently trying to steal from your grandparents. The …

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Too Good to be True: Federal Grant Scams

I received a very strange phone call today. My caller ID said that the number was “unavailable.” I usually ignore calls from numbers that I don’t recognize but today I was feeling froggy and decided to answer it. An unfamiliar man’s voice with a very thick accent asked if he was indeed speaking with Ally …

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Don’t play games with your online and mobile banking

The FBI also warns the thieves’ hacking capabilities can navigate around common user authentication methods banks use to verify your identity, which is certainly a cause for concern. Those additional authentication steps are meant to provide additional security, but more often they end up providing personal questions, birth dates or other pieces of private information to the wrong people.