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Translation through (Free?) Download: Systran Premium Translator

Systran Offers:

Systran Premium Translator (US – BASED)

Systran Premium Translator (UK – BASED)

One of the challenges often encountered by individuals working within security agencies and antivirus companies is that even though computer code is written in the same languages worldwide (HTML, CSS, PHP, ASP, etc.), the notes accompanying those programs are not always the same.

Additionally, malicious programs don’t come with sets of manuals, and tracking down the creators of malware often involves sifting through communications in many languages including English, Arabic, Russian, German, Farsi, Chinese, and any number of other languages.

Of course there are many great tools for translation of documents and information online. One of our favorite tools for quick translations is Google Translation.

But if you’re looking for the power of an on-the-fly solution for doing lots of translations quickly, or even just want an easy solution for translation of key documents, we think you’ll be pleased to try out translations through Systran Premium Translator.

They have lots of options for users, ranging from home users to business professionals. Systran also has mobile translation solutions (i.e. take their software and put it on your mobile to have Systran’s professional tools available and at the ready on your mobile.)

Desktop translation software
Systran translation software gives anyone a powerful set of tools to share ideas and work together.

What makes Systran unique is it’s ability to translate quickly, on-the-fly, in multiple languages, through scans of your desktop computer.

But it’s not just scans of your computer. Systran also has mobile tools which will let you translate text messages as well.

And of course, you can download Systran’s software to use when crafting or receving letters or emails, as well as for surfing the web or translation of any PDF or Word doc.

While the translation isn’t 100% perfect all the time, Systran is a learning system. So the more you use it, the better it gets.

Who Systran Premium is not right for:
People translating 1 document or one email or looking up 1 word. For that, use Google Translation.

Who Systran’s Premium Download is right for:
• Anyone doing multiple translations.
• Home or office users
• People representing a business internationally
• Freelance translators
• Language industry specialists
• Security experts trying to decipher foreign language communications

Systran is up to version 7 of their premium translator tool, and they have learned a lot over the years about constantly improving their language translation software. You can create and manage high quality multilingual documents and streamline your work in powerful new ways.

SYSTRAN 7 Premium Translator lets you easily and quickly produce translations that are as near as possible to the original, without actually using a human translator.

You can even repurpose previous translations (once you’ve saved them), and tell Systran how you want to use language data for translations, post your language data to the web so that you can use your profile online if you’re travelling.

Systran is a key step in developing software that will make global communication more seamless and speedy. What systran offers you is a way to truly increase your productivity, decrease your frustration, and improve translation quality over time.

It’s what many of the big companies doing translations use, and will likely become a key tool for you once you use it.

Systran Offers:

Systran Premium Translator (US – BASED)

Systran Premium Translator (UK – BASED)

How to download StopZilla or get a registration key code for free?

Clicking the link below will take you to a place
where you can get StopZilla for $9.95 (after $30 rebate.)


Mahud writes:

Do you know how I can download StopZilla or get a code or key for StopZilla for using the program for free?
– Mahud

Hi Mahud,

Yes, we do know where you can get a free registration key for StopZilla.

Why we won’t send you to that site:

  1. The site wanting to give us the key code also tried to install bad (REALLY BAD) spyware on the computer we were using
  2. The site was serving up porn ads (and we won’t link to a site serving porn ads – we don’t have problems with porn, but we do have problems with what some people allow it to do to their minds and their lives)
  3. The site ran multiple pop-ups and made the download incredibly difficult to get to.
  4. For $10, you can go to the REAL site, and download StopZilla’s actual, real licensed key code.

It’s not free, but $10 to have a real key that you can actually use (say, for example, when you need to call and get support from StopZilla) is a good thing.

If you decide to go the free route, be prepared to have junk installed on your computer that you don’t want.

Want a StopZilla discount for getting a real registration key?

Clicking the link below will take you to a place
where you can get StopZilla for $9.95 (after $30 rebate.)


Stop Zilla Review: $30 Rebate Code and StopZilla’s free registration key?

StopZilla markets itself as Antispyware made easy.

There are lots of places online you can go to get free registration codes and keys for StopZilla, but it may be a bit of a case of buyer beware (even if you’re just getting StopZilla for free.).

Not all that glitters is truly gold, and many of these sites where you would get the code will install scamware with the key.  Read on to see more of our review about StopZilla itself.

Note: if you’re not looking to read a review of StopZilla and just want free trial download or code for a discount, clicking the link below will take you to a place where you can get StopZilla for $9.95 (after $30 rebate.)
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ESET Mobile Antivirus Download

Coupon: SAVE $25
when you purchase a 2 year subscription
of ESET Mobile Antivirus

If you are looking to download a mobile antivirus program for your mobile phone, you might want to look into ESET Mobile Antivirus.

ESET’s Antivirus program for mobile phones will give you comprehensive and intelligent protection.  Their software works on smartphones and Pocket PCs.

ESET Mobile Antivirus works to combat:

  • SMS spam
  • viruses built for mobile devices,
  • spyware designed to hack your phone’s programs,
  • smartphone adware
  • other unwanted programs and software for PocketPC’s like trojans, worms, and rootkits.

If you have a mobile smartphone or a PocketPC, you know how often you use your mobile on a daily basis.

Your mobile is also a small computer.

Because mobiles are developing standards, and becoming more complex, there are greater possibilities for virus makers to find ways into your mobile.

ESET Mobile Antivirus is designed to run quietly on your phone.  This prevents your mobile from locking up just because you’ve installed ESET on it.

ESET also works to make sure the updates to their mobile antivirus programs are sent in compressed and neat files.  This minimizes the download necessary to get them to your phone.

As it does on computers and laptops, ESET’s Mobile Antivirus protects your mobile through monitoring of email attachments and other files.

It does this while keeping up the speed of your mobile, keeping your mobile phone safe from viruses and other would-be attacks, even if you haven’t updated super-recently.

ESET Mobile Security Features include:

  • -Proactive Protection: Protect your mobile against unknown threats between updates.
  • -On-Demand Scanning: Easily and background searches into nested folders.
  • -On-Access Scanning: Looks through accessed files at the time they’re accessed for viruses. Includes attachments and files accessed via wireless.
  • -SMS Antispam: for stopping advertising that comes through SMS messages
  • -Activity Log and Statistics: A summary of what ESET Mobile Security has been scanning, filtering, and blocking shown in a user-friendly way so you don’t need to download the logs to your computer to look at them.
  • -Many other useful features

ESET mobile Antivirus works on phones with Windows Mobile 5.0, 6.0 and 6.1.  More operating systems are coming soon.

Coupon: SAVE $25
when you purchase a 2 year subscription
of ESET Mobile Antivirus

How To Remove A Key Logger?

My fiancée installed a key logger on my computer.  Not only is she reading all of my Skype conversations, but she’s also logging in and reading my emails.  Now she thinks I’ve got something going on with an old friend from high school.

(All this, despite the fact that this old girlfriend now lives in Israel).  She is spying on me.  My questions… is what she’s doing legal? Also, how do I remove this key logger and make sure it won’t be put back on my computer?


James, our question to you is, if you’re not married, and she already doesn’t trust you, how will your marriage go?

(Sorry to say this right before Christmas, but someone has to tell you.)

Have you given her reason in the past to remove the trust one normally places in their fiancée?

Trust plays a key role in all relationships.  While we’re not here to offer you relationship or legal advice, you should be aware that either your fiancée has serious insecurity issues (which already put your relationship in jeopardy), or you’ve given her reason to remove trust she previously placed in you (i.e. you cheated).

Either way, we advise you (as no more than an online friend) to closely look at your relationship, find out where the key trust issues lie, and address them, or evaluate if this is a relationship you want to continue.

Remember, you’re not married yet, and installing a key logger on your computer to monitor your activities suggests your marriage could already be in trouble…

Back to your key logger questions

Is spying on someone else using a key logger legal?

We’re not attorneys, and none of what we’re about to say should be construed as professional legal advice or a substitute for an attorney.

That said, it’s not legal if a key logger is installed on your computer by someone else, and you don’t know about it in advance.

However, whether or not it’s legal to use a key logger on your own computer, when someone else is using your computer, becomes a little more fuzzy on legal grounds.  There are arguments for both sides which have won out in court.

Was she using a key logger on her computer, which you were using?  It doesn’t sound like it.  If she installed this key logger on your computer (without you knowing about it in advance), then chances are good she’s actually done something illegal.

But do you really want to report your fiancée to the police for something she’s done to your computer?

How you deal with the key issues at play in your relationship here is up to you.  But it’s clear something deeper is going on.  Regardless, you probably want to remove this software.

How to remove a keylogger from your computer:

Almost every anti-spyware product we talk about on Identity Theft Secrets will identify and remove key logger software from your computer.

We’ve posted links to discounts on products which will not only remove key logger software from your computer, but will also protect your computer.

If you’re already set in that department and just want something that specifically is targeted to remove just key logger software, we recommend:

Kaspersky (using a coupon)
F Secure Discount Codes and Coupons
Trend Micro Coupons

And we wish you all the best with your relationship.

Downloading free keylogger software: Are keyloggers illegal?

Hey Identity Theft Secrets,

My friends and I were having a debate about whether or not it’s legal to download and run a keylogger software on your own computer  I know it’s illegal to keylog if you’re doing it on someone else’s computer, but what about using a keylogger to track what someone else does on your computer? Are keyloggers illegal if they’re being used on your own computer?

Well, before we get into answering what is legal and what’s not when it comes to keyloggers, let’s talk about what keyloggers are and what they do.

Keylogging software  (AKA “a keylogger”) works in the background to silently record whatever’s happening on a computer.  Depending on which  keylogger you download, you’ll get varying degrees of information.  Some of the more robust keyloggers will track more than just keystrokes.  They can also track all text typed in chat conversations, the chat program used, websites visited and what words were typed in on those websites, what has been printed, what files have been uploaded or downloaded from the internet, what files on the computer have been shared, changed, accessed, and a lot more information.

There is a millisecond difference that you barely notice between you hitting a key and the character actually appearing on your computer screen. Generally speaking, keyloggers sit in that free space between when you hit keystrokes and when those letters/characters appear on your computer screen.

Before the key you typed is visible on your screen, the keylogging program has tracked what key was pressed and tied it in with a snapshot of whatever is taking place on the computer at the time the key is pressed.

The recorded keys are then sent along into a recording (or “log”) of keys, and strung together to create something which will make sense to the person who installed the keylogger on the computer.

Because there is so little time (fractions of seconds) involved in that process, it becomes difficult for an end user to spot keylogging software when it’s in use on a computer.

So, is it illegal to download and install keylogger software?

The answer is No.

That is to say, keylogging and keylogger software is legal.

There are some very legitimate reasons for keyloggers and keylogging software, which we’ll cover in our next article.

For now, if you’d like to download keylogging software on a free trial basis, we recommend checking out All In One Keylogging Software.

(Direct link to free download All-In-One Keylogger – trial basis)

If you’d like to learn more about All-In-One Keylogger, take a look here:

Free Keyloggers: Is downloading A Free Keylogger A Good Idea for Home and Small Business Protection

A keylogger is a program that monitors and records computer activity, specifically the keystrokes used while using your computer. There are some keyloggers available to download for free, while others cost some money to download. Find out what are the best keylogger programs available and how you can download and use a keylogger to protect yourself and/or your loved ones.
In this article, we recommend three keylogger programs you can download.
The quick links for downloading thesekeyloggers are here:
Web Watcher Keylogger – download
Spector Pro 6.0 Keylogger – Download
Spy Agent Keylogger – Download

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ZoneAlarm Free Download and ZoneAlarm Pro: Interview and Review

ZoneLabs/Checkpoint is another company we have been hearing a lot about at Identity Theft Secrets, mostly because of their ZoneAlarm product, but also because of their suite of products dealing with Internet Security.
Here’s a screenshot of what Zone Alarm Pro looks like:
Zone Alarm Pro Free Screenshot
Here’s our interview with John Gable from CheckPoint (which again, is the company which makes Zone Alarm). (We’ll post the transcript soon.)

Download the CheckPoint (ZoneAlarm) Interview (MP3) Here
For now, here are some quick basics on ZoneAlarm, and a couple of coupons we found for downloading ZoneAlarm free, and for saving $20 on ZoneAlarm Pro.

You can save $20 on ZoneAlarm Pro by clicking here
you can download ZoneAlarm for free here.

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RegCure Review and RegCure Interview: Downloading and Using Reg Cure

We’re going to be talking about a how you can get a free registry cleaner program called RegCure here (and perhaps other registry cleaners) very soon at IdentityTheftSecrets.com, but before we do, it’s important to start giving you some background on what a system registry is and what it does.
So, the Windows registry is a directory which stores settings and options for the operating system for Microsoft Windows.
The registry is a place where information and settings for all the hardware, operating system software, most non-operating system software, users, preferences of the PC, and a whole bunch of other stuff is stored.
Whenever a user makes changes of any significance within the computer, the changes are stored in the registry.
So, hopefully that makes sense?
After Windows introduced the Registry, it beame apparent that there was a need for a program designed to clean the registry, hence the name registry cleaner.
A registry cleaner is a type of program for Microsoft Windows operating system designed to attempt to remove unneeded or unwanted items from the Windows registry.
This can happen if you have had Spyware, Scumware, Adware, or another malicious program downloaded onto your machine, and it left behind traces of itself.
It could also happen for the less malicious but equally annoying situation where someone didn’t write an uninstall program correctly
Why might you need or want a registry cleaner?
As mentioned, some uninstallers for Windows software do not completely remove all traces of the software from the registry. If you’ve downloaded free software that may have malicious intent, or if you’ve downloaded software which may not have been designed with the best of intentions (have you been downloading free music using a program you got from some random site?), it’s possibly you have icky stuff sitting in the registry of your computer.
Some programs which are designed to do malicious things to your computer don’t come with uninstallers at all, and you end up manually removing them from your computer.

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A Review of XoftSpy and Free Look Using XoftSpy SE Serial Key

download XoftSpy SE here

Someone recently showed me this free scan you can do through a company called ParetoLogic, who supposedly has the #1 best selling anti-spyware product on the Internet. It’s called XoftSpy SE, and appears to have some cool features (as far as anti-spyware is concerned) but I will be speaking with someone from this company shortly so that I can do a proper review of XoftSpySE here.
For now, you can listen to the audio of my interview with XoftSpySE by clicking below.
Download my interview with XoftSpySE
If you want a free scan, or to read more about XoftSpySE and grab a registration code, you can do that here.
If you just want to download a copy (you can get your license key version later) you can download XoftSpy here

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