Don’t Become In”Patient” with Your Medical Records

Why would someone steal a medical identity? There are generally two reasons. One motivation for medical identity theft is when a person without insurance needs a surgery or prescription drugs and sees your insurance as free ticket. Another motivation for medical identity theft is the money, sometimes millions, which thieves can collect in false medical claims. Victims of medical identity theft can be left unpaid medical bills and ultimately ruined credit.

IdentityTruth: Is Your Identity the “Truth” and Nothing but the Truth?

IdentityTruth may be one of the most comprehensive programs available to consumers. Use of other products may not be as complete or effective, leaving opportunities open to an identity thief to misuse your information. Your identity is interconnected with your personal and family information, your assets, your finances and your credit and identity theft puts you at risk, legally as well as financially. Identity Truth attempts to provide you with the most complete service available, for identity theft protection, protecting all that is important to you.