How The Cloud Saves Your Data from Total Destruction

If you’ve needed to access work-related information from anywhere other than the office, you understand the inherent value of cloud computing. Cloud computing stores everything from graphs to policy briefings online, making them available to authorized users via the Internet. Not long ago, only large companies with a vast amount of expensive information networks could …

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Interview – Searching for Email Security: Review And Policy Surrounding What Is Email Security?

What is email security? And how can I know which email security products are better than others? In this interview with Paul Herbka, we review email security products and services, as well as talk about the nature of email security and what you and your company can do to protect yourself.

URGENT: Identity Theft and Child Pornography, Oregon Police Need Help

WTF is UP with THIS? Child pornography from a man who is likely an Identity thief. A Portland, Oregon man, identified as 33-year-old Andrew Kowalczyk, was arrested at a Puyallup motel on Dec. 27 on suspicion of forgery and identity theft. Police said they believe he lived in the motel room and used his computer and other equipment to forge documents. According to authorities, Kowalczyk has an extensive criminal history that includes assault and threatening others with a gun. Kowalczyk was booked into the Pierce County Jail