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How The Cloud Saves Your Data from Total Destruction

save your data in the cloud If you’ve needed to access work-related information from anywhere other than the office, you understand the inherent value of cloud computing. Cloud computing stores everything from graphs to policy briefings online, making them available to authorized users via the Internet. Not long ago, only large companies with a vast amount of expensive information networks could afford to give their employees this level of convenience and efficiency. Cloud storage gives small businesses a secure method of online backup while providing fluid access to information without the drawbacks of hard drives, flash drives and disks.

Have a Safety Net

While operating your small business on a cloud system of computing undoubtedly saves time and money, like any method of information storage, backup is essential. While a cloud system stores information on the Internet, a cloud backup system duplicates all online material before storing it with an online-storage service provider. Should your cloud system become compromised or damaged, the only method of protection is using an online backup service, which can be a life saver.

Proactive Damage Prevention

Imagine there’s a major technological catastrophe at your workplace. Someone hacks into the network and damages the cloud. That means every link, connection, contract and categorized folder inside the cloud is potentially damaged. Now think about this: How much money would your company lose if your entire bank of information was inaccessible for several days or more?

  • A major corporation with hundreds of IT specialists can perform damage control by attempting to recover as much intact information as possible.
  • As a small business, the recovery period is likely to take much longer, costing more time and money than necessary.

Total Recovery

Most small-business owners keep copies, either hard or virtual, of only their most important files, such as tax information or patent designs. Unfortunately, this information isn’t necessary for successful day-to-day operations, and the data that is critical to keep the business running smoothly is rarely backed up.

  • When it comes to preserving profitability, all documents, information and contact lists become vital.
  • Installing cloud backup is like adding a layer of carbon paper to your pad. Once installed, everything you have stored or will store in your cloud automatically transfers to an off-site virtual vault, where it remains until needed.

System & Program Storage

Accessing daily operational documents is only half the battle when it comes to running your small business. Another important feature of cloud backup is system and program storage.

  • Imagine that in addition to your documents, graphs and individual files, your business relies on three separate programs for estimating contractor fees, delivering paychecks and viewing potential worksites with detailed underground utility maps. Cloud backup not only stores these programs, it also preserves any information normally stored in each program.
  • A cloud system lets you control which employees have access to specific information. Having online backup means preserving the security settings for each individual program and file. When you implement cloud backup, the security settings are automatically installed.

Fast Access

Should your cloud system become inaccessible or damaged, the cloud backup lets you continue operating your business by immediately providing a duplicate version of your entire cloud. Exact procedures depend on the backup software, but you can be assured that implementing the cloud backup storage takes less time and costs less money than correcting a corrupted system.

Interview – Searching for Email Security: Review And Policy Surrounding What Is Email Security?

Email Security
Should you, as an individual, have a policy around email security? What is email security anyway??
In this interview with Paul Herbka from South Seas Corporation (policy and email security solutions review company based out of Colorado), we go in depth in a discussion of email security, and why it’s important for any individual or business to seriously consider what their policy is for email security.
He also goes into a review of email security products and services.
You can listen to the interview, and/or read the transcript below, for free. (Paul even offers you a discount if you mention this interview when you call him.)

Download the interview about what Email Security is in MP3 Format”

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URGENT: Identity Theft and Child Pornography, Oregon Police Need Help

Police arrested a man on charges of Identity Theft and forgery, but when they started going through his computer, they found connections to child pornography.
I’ve long said that the ethics of someone who would live on the hard work and credibility of someone else’s name is likely to be the kind of person who would commit crimes other than identity theft.
Even knowing that from the outset, even before I started this site over 4 years ago, this hurts my heart, and it bothers me to even be the one bringing this news into your day.
But if we can do some good by getting the word out sharing this news (however terrible), and helping to track down the people who may have these kids and be doing who knows what with them, then this will have been worthwhile to pass along.
The news story is below if you want to watch it.
Mostly, if you have been to, or live in, Oregon and can identity anything that is in the pictures and video below, your information can be very valuable to Oregon police.

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