Is Trend Micro PC Cillin Internet Security the Best Medicine for Your PC?

Trend Micro’s PC Cillin has been featured in PC Magazine. PC Cillin also received a rating of 4.5 from PC World, is certified by ICSA (a security software testing lab), and received the VB 100% award (an independent comparative testing service that evaluates antivirus protection software). Check out Trend Micro’s PC Cillin and read the review here.

Sweep your PC Clean of Spyware with Webroot Spyware Sweeper

Webroot Spyware Sweeper does not just remove spyware. It also detects and stops it from entering your hardware and software before it can do damage. It kills spies as they appear, in real time. Through the use of 16 smart shields and stops spyware threats like Trojan, SpySheriff and Downloader-Low Zones, and variations of them. Learn more about Webroot Spyware Sweeper.

Kaspersky anti virus and Internet Security Suite: A Review

Moscow-based Kaspersky Labs… multi-national company…Eugene Kaspersky in R&D. Company’s software is currently better known in Eastern Europe and Asia, growing in popularity elsewhere, particularly after Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6 won the PC World Editor’s Choice award for Antivirus programs in 2007….The first complete system scan for this 40GB hard drive…The second one only checked the files that had changed…Mobile Security ($29.95 per year) performs similar real-time virus scanning and data protection for Smartphones, with a similar light footprint on battery resources. Database updates are at user-scheduled intervals, scans can be scheduled or on demand and take only a few minutes, and all incoming messages are checked.

A Review of XoftSpy and Free Look Using XoftSpy SE Serial Key

———— download XoftSpy SE here ———— Someone recently showed me this free scan you can do through a company called ParetoLogic, who supposedly has the #1 best selling anti-spyware product on the Internet. It’s called XoftSpy SE, and appears to have some cool features (as far as anti-spyware is concerned) but I will be speaking …

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