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Data Rescue 3 (for Mac OS X)

Save $50 on Data Rescue 3 for Mac by getting it on Amazon
Link below takes you directly to Amazon discount:

(PC Version here: http://www.identitytheftsecrets.com/data-rescue-3-pc)

Quick caveat: Something that kind of bothers me is what I know as the “department of redundancy department”.

This is where someone says something like “3 AM in the morning”. (No offense intended, but the people I hear say this kind of thing most often are from Oklahoma.)

What brings this up today? Well, I’ve been looking for a free trial of Data Rescue 3 for Mac OS X, and someone has posted a review where they keep saying “Data Rescue 3 for Mac OSX 10.” That’s redundant and completely unnecessary. The 10 is covered by the X.

But I digress.

I didn’t ever find a free trial of Data Rescue 3 for Mac OSX. But I did find out that if you buy Data Rescue 3 on Amazon, you will save some money.

The biggest thing that people love about Data Rescue 3 for Mac and PC is not what the program does.

Of course the software will recover your files and rescue you for the temporary hell you are in when you think you have lost your data. It wouldn’t be as popular of a tool as it is, if it didn’t perform well.

However, what people love most about this software, is the support that is offered by the company that makes it – Prosoft. Review after review on Amazon have positively glowing comments about how great the support is, and how “Mike” at Prosoft (Mike in particular) is someone who is very helpful.

Being able to talk to a real person is a great selling point for any software you are buying these days.

It seems we are living in the era of multi-button systems where you get trapped in touch-tone hell (when the reason you’re calling is because you’re already in a nightmare from the data you think you’ve lost).

So that alone makes Prosoft’s Data Recovery 3 a tool worth looking into if you need to recover files which have (mysteriously) gone missing from your Mac.

Or maybe you deleted the data yourself and are now looking to cover your mistake before your wife finds out you’ve (accidentally) deleted all of the wedding photos.

Not that my husband would have any experience with that.

Data Rescue 3 for Mac requires you to have:
PowerPC G4, G5, or Intel
A DVD drive
512MB (or better) RAM
1.0GHz (or better) processor
A Firewire, USB 2.0, eSATA or internal drive where you can recover your data.

There’s not a free trial I can see, but if you want to save money, check out the links below which will take you directly to Amazon’s pages for Prosoft’s Data Rescue 3

Save $50 on Data Rescue 3 for Mac by getting it on Amazon
Link below takes you directly to Amazon discount:

(PC Version here: http://www.identitytheftsecrets.com/data-rescue-3-pc)

Stellar Data Recovery Software

Download Stellar Data Recovery Software
(Download a free trial of Stellar Data Recovery through the link below)

Data loss is like a bad dream where you discover you’ve lost your left arm.

You forget it’s not there, because it always has been.

And then you go to use it, and realize…

“I don’t have my left arm. WHAT? I DON’T have MY LEFT ARM?”

I’ve been there.

I spent months working on a project.

It was a project about an online tool which I wanted to keep secret.

I thought it was such a good idea.

So… Continue reading Stellar Data Recovery Software

FBI Program Offered in Schools to Help Keep Kids Safe Online

Did you know a staggering one in seven youngsters has received unwanted sexual solicitations online? And that one in 11 has experienced some type on online bullying? That’s according to the FBI’s website touting a program designed to keep kids safe while online.

Did you also know that the FBI works to educate kids and their parents about the Internet—both the wonderfully educational and insidiously opportunistic aspects of it? They offer schools a Safe Online Surfing program to help students recognize, avoid and report  online risks.

The Safe Online Surfing (SOS) program Continue reading FBI Program Offered in Schools to Help Keep Kids Safe Online

Acronis True Image: Best Coupon Code for True Image By Acronis

Save $20 on Acronis True Image Home with Acronis AcroPack Coupon Code

A true image of your hard drive stored somewhere in your home?  Yep.  And by image, we don’t mean picture.

Unfortunately, it happens to even the best of us.

In an effort to keep home PC’s clean or secure, files are accidentally deleted.

Sometimes, viruses corrupt files.

And sometimes, disks fail.

In the process, cherished memories are destroyed when people lose pictures. Continue reading Acronis True Image: Best Coupon Code for True Image By Acronis

Acronis Migrate Easy Coupon Code: Data migration software Coupons

Are you migrating from one hard drive to another?  Did you know that there are ways to migrate all of your data easily, quickly, and safely?

Get 15% off Acronis Migrate Easy with this Coupon Code:

So you’ve finally gotten your files cleaned up.

You’ve got all of the right programs working well on your hard drive.

One problem… your hard drive has run out of space.

It’s time to upgrade and migrate to a new hard drive.

Isn’t that just always the way?  Just about the time you get things the way you like them, it’s time to Continue reading Acronis Migrate Easy Coupon Code: Data migration software Coupons

The Do Not Call Registry: Cell phones and home phone

We’ve all had them, the calls that come just as you’re sitting down for dinner. On the other end of the phone is some telemarketer trying to sell you something or solicit donations, or even worse, it’s one of those automated calls that are computer generated which are incredibly annoying. Over the past couple years we’ve heard of the “Do Not Call Registry”; however, many consumers are not quite sure what it is and what is required to register a phone number to it.

The National Do Not Call Registry is exactly that. It is a registry established by the federal government in which citizens register their home number where telemarketers are to refrain from calling your number. If they violate this the consumer can file a complaint on the National Do Not Call Registry website. Registering your home number, will stop most, but not all telemarketing calls.

For those interested in having their number included in the registry, the process is fairly simple. You can register online at www.donotcall.gov or phone their toll free line at 1-888-382-1222 (TTY 1-866-290-4236). If you choose to phone, you must place that call from the number you want to register. Registration is free.  For more information about the service, visit www.ftc.gov/donotcall.

There have been rumors circulating the internet, mostly from forwarded e-mails dating back to 2004 that cell phones need to be registered as well. Although the do not call registry will accept cell phone numbers, it is not necessary to do so.  The idea that your cell phone would become vulnerable to telemarketers came about several years ago when a plan for the establishment of a wireless 411 directory was announced. This directory was never established, and at this time there have been no propositions to move forward with it.

NetQin and NetQin Antivirus

25% Off NetQin Mobile Antivirus

NetQin seems like a funny name for a company.  It’s not exactly the kind of name which tells you that the company is one of the top developers of applications for protecting cell phone data.

You might have never heard of NetQin, but when it comes to mobile phone security, they are one of the rising stars – especially in China.

NetQin was started in 2005.  And they already hold more than 60% market share in Chinese mobile security.

Basically, NetQin’s products are built on the Continue reading NetQin and NetQin Antivirus

Erasing Your Phone Remotely

Uh oh.  You’ve lost your cell phone or else your cell phone has been stolen.  It’s a hassle and it will cost you but the phone itself can be replaced.  While there’s no need to cry over spilled milk, there is good reason to worry about someone finding your cell phone and using your personal information to steal your identity or commit fraud in your name.  Photos, e-mails and more in the wrong hands could lead to humiliation or even blackmail.

Today’s phones offer so many options for storing and sending information that losing your phone could put you or your company at risk.  Have you ever stored a company document, debit and credit card passwords or online banking passwords on your phone?

The steps you’ll need to follow to remotely erase your cell phone information will vary depending on your phone but just about every cell phone has some option for remotely killing your cell phone memory. Here are some examples. Continue reading Erasing Your Phone Remotely

Golden Cash Network Uses Bots and Zombies to Steal Data

Many of us have heard of the terms “cash cow,” “Midas touch,” and there is also the mythical goose that laid the golden eggs, but have you heard of a “Golden Cash Network?” You may think this is a new form of ATM machine but it is really a shopping mall for those looking for a quick and easy way to steal information, data and expand their spamming efforts through the use of bots and Trojans that make their way onto just about anyone’s computer.

Continue reading Golden Cash Network Uses Bots and Zombies to Steal Data

Starbucks Sued After Data Breach

If you own a company and haven’t yet put together a comprehensive identity theft plan for your company, please contact us for more information (at no cost to you).
For those of you who are CITRMS certified, or are benefits specialists speaking to companies about their need to pprotect themselves against data breach lawsuits, here’s an article from NetworkWorld.com that you may want to print to take with you on appointments.

Continue reading Starbucks Sued After Data Breach