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IdentityTruth vs Lifelock: Which Identity Theft Protection Works for You?

You’ve no doubt seen an ad for LifeLock. In the ad, LifeLock CEO Tom Davis grabs consumers’ attention by giving out his real social security number on television and on line to make the point that he is safe from identity theft because he has multi-layered protection LifeLock.
IdentityTruth is another such service that wants to protect consumers from the devastating consequences of identity theft. IdentityTruth also offers a protection program involving multiple components

IdentityTruth: Is Your Identity the “Truth” and Nothing but the Truth?

IdentityTruth may be one of the most comprehensive programs available to consumers. Use of other products may not be as complete or effective, leaving opportunities open to an identity thief to misuse your information. Your identity is interconnected with your personal and family information, your assets, your finances and your credit and identity theft puts you at risk, legally as well as financially. Identity Truth attempts to provide you with the most complete service available, for identity theft protection, protecting all that is important to you.

LoudSiren Identity Theft Warning System Provides Emergency Services

Debix’s LoudSiren is a company and product doing promotion of their identity theft warning system as an identity protection network. Code is placed to code fraud alerts into your credit report. A fraud alert is a code placed on your credit record which requires lenders to verify your identity and application for credit prior to increasing or issuing credit in your name. Once the fraud alert is placed by LoudSiren, confirmation of your identity is required before any creditor may issue new credit in your name, increase credit limits, approve loans or approve any new credit accounts. Loudsiren by Debix Promo Code is also available.