Free Keyloggers: Is downloading A Free Keylogger A Good Idea for Home and Small Business Protection

Download free keyloggers? How would you go about downloading a free keylogger program? You may have heard malicious keylogger stories in the news such as the spoiled bank heist in 2004. However, these stories usually involve keylogger viruses or keylogger hacking (llegal) There are illegal uses for keylogger software, which may include theft, identity theft, and credit or bank card fraud, because keyloggers can indicate what webpage you are accessing as well as what your user name and password are. In this article, we are discussing the legitimate uses for keylogger programs

Virtual Credit Cards Protect Your Real Credit Card Information

Virtual credit card numbers? What the heck is a virtual credit card? How do I get a vritual number and how can I use it? One-fifth of identity theft victims blame on-line credit card use for making them vulnerable to this crime. Fear of becoming an identity theft crime victim is the number one reason given by those who avoid shopping on line.
A virtual credit card is one option and layer of protection for those who would like to shop on line but still protect their credit card’s numbers.

SpoofCard Becomes “Untraceable”: SpoofCard and “Caller ID Spoofing” explained

SpoofCard: What is SpoofCard, how does Caller ID Spoofing Work, and how can you protect yourself? Millions of consumers pay extra for the Caller ID as part of their phone service. Believing calls to be a legitimate call and based on the caller ID many individuals would follow the instructions and provide their personal and financial information. With SpoofCard they can disguise their voice and telephone number making it difficult if not impossible to be tracked

Just how does one commit Identity Theft?

Identity Theft committed with a skimmer? Identity Theft with a simple little device called a Card Reader – skimmer. You’ve seen card readers in grocery stores and at the gas station, but perhaps you never knew that skimmers could be purchased, and be made small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.