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Slow down! That’s not a real traffic ticket it’s a scam

With the use of cameras at lights it is not unheard of to get a traffic ticket in the mail.  I admit, I recently received one, including a really bad photo) as I went through a light, lost and looking for signs.  My first in over 15 years, but that’s beside the point. However, there’s a new scam in town coming to your straight from your email.  This email message claims to be a traffic ticket from New York and it directs you to “click” the link to open your ticket, see your charges and find out how to pay the fine.   At first glance it looks “legit.”  It even has a return address @nyc.gov.

There are a great many people who would fear that somehow they got notice of a traffic ticket, whether they have driven in New York or not.  Maybe they sent it to you because of a data entry mistake on the driver’s license input.  What if they suspend your license? But before you panic stop and think about these things.

Have you driven in New York?

How on earth did they track your email address by your driver’s license?


Could this possibly be a scam?

The answer to the third question is yes, it is a scam.  But not the type you might think.  Instead of a “spam” scam which most likely would be trying to harvest your credit card number for credit card fraud it’s actually a Trojan, a hidden virus that will gather information from your computer and drop more malicious content. This virus is  identified as “Troj/Invo-Zip and it is described as one ” that could allow attackers access to your Windows system and give them the ability to drop more malicious files on it.

Internet security firm Sophos received many messages today on their Facebook page about the email scam/virus from all over the world.  I think it’s safe to say anyone that received it in Thailand is just going to ignore it.

How can you be safe from viruses and email scams?  Remember just because a link is there doesn’t mean you have to “click” it especially when it is a fake ticket.   Keep your antivirus programs updated and but the brakes on email scams by simply not opening them.


ESET Mobile Antivirus Download

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If you are looking to download a mobile antivirus program for your mobile phone, you might want to look into ESET Mobile Antivirus.

ESET’s Antivirus program for mobile phones will give you comprehensive and intelligent protection.  Their software works on smartphones and Pocket PCs.

ESET Mobile Antivirus works to combat:

  • SMS spam
  • viruses built for mobile devices,
  • spyware designed to hack your phone’s programs,
  • smartphone adware
  • other unwanted programs and software for PocketPC’s like trojans, worms, and rootkits.

If you have a mobile smartphone or a PocketPC, you know how often you use your mobile on a daily basis.

Your mobile is also a small computer.

Because mobiles are developing standards, and becoming more complex, there are greater possibilities for virus makers to find ways into your mobile.

ESET Mobile Antivirus is designed to run quietly on your phone.  This prevents your mobile from locking up just because you’ve installed ESET on it.

ESET also works to make sure the updates to their mobile antivirus programs are sent in compressed and neat files.  This minimizes the download necessary to get them to your phone.

As it does on computers and laptops, ESET’s Mobile Antivirus protects your mobile through monitoring of email attachments and other files.

It does this while keeping up the speed of your mobile, keeping your mobile phone safe from viruses and other would-be attacks, even if you haven’t updated super-recently.

ESET Mobile Security Features include:

  • -Proactive Protection: Protect your mobile against unknown threats between updates.
  • -On-Demand Scanning: Easily and background searches into nested folders.
  • -On-Access Scanning: Looks through accessed files at the time they’re accessed for viruses. Includes attachments and files accessed via wireless.
  • -SMS Antispam: for stopping advertising that comes through SMS messages
  • -Activity Log and Statistics: A summary of what ESET Mobile Security has been scanning, filtering, and blocking shown in a user-friendly way so you don’t need to download the logs to your computer to look at them.
  • -Many other useful features

ESET mobile Antivirus works on phones with Windows Mobile 5.0, 6.0 and 6.1.  More operating systems are coming soon.

Coupon: SAVE $25
when you purchase a 2 year subscription
of ESET Mobile Antivirus

Eset’s Promotion Code Moves 2010 into 2011: Eset Promotion Code

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Save 25% on a 2 Year License of ESET Smart Security for the Home

Before 2010 wraps up, Eset has extended a great 2-year promotion code for 2011 (into 2012).

If you’ve never heard of Eset before, you’re not alone.  It’s lesser known in the United States (but is a highly used and well-respected name) among the titans and reviewers of the antivirus/antispyware world.

Through proprietary technologies, Eset’s code performs some quite unique functions in protecting millions of computers all around the world.

This can be seen in the number of awards Eset has received.

ESET NOD32 Antivirus has achieved more Virus Bulletin VB100 Awards than any other product. Continue reading Eset’s Promotion Code Moves 2010 into 2011: Eset Promotion Code

Trend Micro Coupons

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Trend Micro Security (and anti virus) discount coupons:


We’ve been talking on IdentityTheftSecrets about Trend Micro’s antivirus and Internet security in 2011.  If you are looking for a good anti virus program for 2011, Trend Micro’s anti virus is probably a good option for you, especially when purchased with a coupon.

As a personal user with a home computer, it’s not exactly like you have a staff somewhere in your house working to protect you.

Or do you?

With Trend Micro, you get the benefit of security that’s fast, effective, and simple, and is a bit like having a staff of millions of computers, plus Trend Micro’s Tampa, Florida based support team, working on your behalf 24/7/365. Continue reading Trend Micro Coupons

F-Secure Promotion Code: 2011 promotion for F secure

This promotion code will save you 20% on F-Secure’s Internet Security 2011.

Are you an 2010 F-secure customer looking to renew your protection for f-secure for 2011?  Click here.

Secure your online activity and interactions with F-Secure.

F-Secure Internet Security 2011 is a speedy and user-friendly software.

Originally based (and still headquartered) out of Helsinki, Finland, F-Secure has grown into a large and well-reputed anti spyware and security solutions company.  Like their counterparts in the computer protection industry, F-Secure aims to keep viruses, worms, spyware and harmful internet sites at bay. Continue reading F-Secure Promotion Code: 2011 promotion for F secure

Discount Coupon for Trend Micro Security Programs

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Save on Trend Micro Anti virus and security with this discount coupon:

Trend Micro has been around for quite a few years.  With their purchase of HiJackThis, some people thought (and still think of) Trend Micro in a negative light, since HiJackThis was a free program and well-liked.

Regardless of what some people think, Trend Micro is a strong anti virus and security company, doing very good work to protect computers around the world.

And today, you can use this discount coupon for Trend Micro and save money on their security suite of products.

There are many interesting benefits to people who use Trend Micro Security.

One cool benefit is Trend Micro’s cloud technology.  Continue reading Discount Coupon for Trend Micro Security Programs

NetQin and NetQin Antivirus

25% Off NetQin Mobile Antivirus

NetQin seems like a funny name for a company.  It’s not exactly the kind of name which tells you that the company is one of the top developers of applications for protecting cell phone data.

You might have never heard of NetQin, but when it comes to mobile phone security, they are one of the rising stars – especially in China.

NetQin was started in 2005.  And they already hold more than 60% market share in Chinese mobile security.

Basically, NetQin’s products are built on the Continue reading NetQin and NetQin Antivirus

Here You Have – Not Just Another E-Mail Virus

The latest email virus may have hit corporate America hard in the past few days, shutting down the major cable and internet provider Comcast as well as infecting ABC/Disney, Google, NASA and Coca Cola.  While corporations were the believed target, thanks to the ease of forwarding messages your own PC may be at risk too.  The virus has brought down other whole corporate networks not only with the virus, but the volume of messages forced through their email systems as it replicates itself.

Here You Have is a brand new Trojan virus, which in some cases our personal security software is not yet prepared to protect against. Continue reading Here You Have – Not Just Another E-Mail Virus

Do Your Trust Your Internet Security? EZ Trust/CA Antivirus Security Review

CA Antivirus and Security Suite is one of the up and coming personal and business computer software systems. You may choose from a full suite of services or individual services. Free trial products include scans and antivirus protection. Read more for prices, information and a review of this reasonable priced and very effective antivirus system.

Continue reading Do Your Trust Your Internet Security? EZ Trust/CA Antivirus Security Review