Sweep your PC Clean of Spyware with Webroot Spyware Sweeper

Webroot Spyware Sweeper is a seven time award winning Best Buy by PC Magazine and PC World. Find out why this spyware protection, detection and removal system is considered so highly.
Spyware has become more advanced and different versions of it appear regularly on too many computers without detection. Spyware is a computer software system that “sneaks” onto your computer, typically through internet browsing, email or instant messages, and does one or a combination of the following: collects personal information from your hard drive, interfere with your use of your computer (causing it to behave badly), redirect your internet browser activity by sending the page you addressed to another site and allowing harmful “pop ups.”

These are just a few of the really nasty things that spyware can do to your computer. It can also provide unscrupulous individuals with personal and financial information to be used in identity theft and all of this can be done without your knowledge or consent.
With the increased use, functionality, and technology available to spyware programs it is important to make sure to protect your computer, your information and your finances from damage. One of the many methods available to protect yourself is spyware protection software systems, such as Webroot Spyware Sweeper.
Webroot Spyware Sweeper is a seven time award winning anti spyware software program. It has been chosen by PC Magazine and PC World as best buys for spyware protection.
What are some of the features of Webroot Spyware Sweeper that provides it with such high praise? Downloading this software helps you detect spyware software earlier. Webroot says they detect spyware quicker than their competitors and eliminate detected spyware programs in one “sweep” of your system. It is deemed effective on even the most difficult of spyware systems to remove. To anyone who has had to scan, repair and restart their computer several times this is an enormous relief to know that the malicious software will be removed in the first try.
Webroot Spyware Sweeper does not just remove spyware from your computer but detects and stops it from entering your hardware and software before it can do damage. It does this by detecting the freely downloaded spyware programs as they appear, in real time, as opposed to not detecting them until your scheduled or personally initiated scan. It does this through the use of 16 “smart shields” and stops spyware threats like Trojans, SpySheriff, and Downloader-Low Zones, as well as the variations of these malicious software programs that can do harm to your computer..
In order to be this effective Webroot Spyware Sweeper uses the rootkit technology in most spyware programs against them. It detects these particular programs in whatever form they may appear and quarantines the software before it can affect your computer.
This protection software also uses a built in “risk assessment” program to determine if there is any potential danger in your emails, webpage visits, and media downloads and notifies users before the harmful spyware system can access your computer. By advising you of the risk prior to download the control for your protection is placed in your hands and you can note those sites that are potentially harmful. This system also scans incoming and outgoing email messages.
The latest version created a more user friendly set up program as well as regular maintenance of the system and your computer. Advanced users may configure the spyware sweeper software to address specific needs or beginning users may complete the standard installation process. This system is now also easier to use to complete your scans, find out what items are in quarantine and in assisting you in protecting your identity as well as your computer. Users may also determine what type of scan they need, as Webroot Spyware Sweeper now offers quick, full or custom sweeps. The user makes the determination of what they have time for and what they want to accomplish in a sweep or scan and then make the appropriate choices on the user screen. The user screen also provides users with the opportunity to choose between automatics updates to the system or manual updates.
Free customer and technical support is offered both on line and via telephone. Webroot Spyware Sweeper users may contact the customer support center online to access the Frequently Asked Questions page, renew or register their software, obtain the keycode needed for software download in installation and handle their account information. A message board also provides important information on a regular basis regarding the use, installation and improvements to the software system.
One complaint about earlier versions of Spyware Sweeper was that it was not compatible with Windows Vista; however, the latest version claims to now be Windows Vista ready. There have been some operating difficulties with the use of Spyware Sweeper and Windows Vista which are being address at this time with a patch. However, additional research is being conducted to completely resolve these issues.
A free thirty day trial is available; however with it you may only scan your computer, not remove any detected spyware programs. It is necessary to purchase the full one year version in order to scan and remove threats. Webroot Spyware Sweeper is available for $29.95 for one computer/one year of service, $39.95 for two years/one computer or up to three computers for $49.95, all versions are regardless of the number of users on a single PC. It comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.
If you are interested in a free trial, visit Webroot Spyware Sweeper and begin to clean house – on your computer. But just like cleaning your house, be prepared for those unexpected dust bunnies and spider webs you may not have detected before.

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