Stellar Data Recovery Review

Get a free download of Stellar Data Recovery (trial) through the review link:

In our review of Stellar Data Recovery, we found few difficulties or challenges. The software installs easily, the program does what it says it will do.

While it won’t recover all files ( no software can recover everything – especially if your files have been lost due to serious physical damage of a hard drive), Stellar Data recovery can help you get back your data.

What causes data loss?

Files become corrupted. This means that the basic structure of the data breaks apart.

Think of it like a chain linked together.

If the chain gets pulled too hard, or if physical pressure causes some change to the chain, the links can become weak and even break.

A file or data can become corrupted for a variety of reasons.

Some possible ways that Data Loss can occur include:

Resizing of partitions on a hard drive (which can either be incomplete or simply not work)
Computer malfunction (where the data isn’t “linked” correctly in the process of creating it)
Formatting a hard drive (which is basically like melting all the links back to their basic metal form)
Damage in the bootup/startup records (Where the computer simply can’t find the chain it needs)
Files that are cross-linked (two processes pulling on the chain at the same time expecting it to do different things)
Infections from viruses (Think of rust or metal eating bacteria)
Power Surges (sudden and powerful pulls on the chain)

Stellar Data Recovery seems to work well regardless of the reasons for data loss.

The program (in the time we reviewed it) worked well for data recovery on all kinds of damaged files.

Some of the tools that we liked while reviewing the Stellar Data Recovery software included:
A utility called S.M.A.R.T. which checks the drive and offers quick alerts
Cloning and imaging of the hard drive (creating a backup easily)
Easy searching for any specific file or folder (assuming you know what’s missing on your hard drive)
File Recovery for deleted files (if you’ve deleted an MS PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Access, BKF, or Zip file, Stellar Data Recovery can get it back for you).

Stellar Data Recovery can also get back audio, video, and photo files from your computer’s Hard Drive, or peripherals like memory cards, thumb/pen drives, SD cards, and other external drives.

And, as you would expect from a data recovery software, Stellar offers e-mail recovery which will help you get back deleted or lost emails in Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express.

Overall, our review of Stellar Data Recovery was a positive experience.

Get a free download of Stellar Data Recovery (trial) through the review link: