Small Business Computers Need Protections In Place

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If you’ve been reading for any length of time, you know that we are hugely in support of the American small business.

While large businesses have an ability to absorb and manage the complexity of doing business today, small businesses have to be much more creative and flexible in carrying the brunt of the regulations which are passed by all kinds of governing bodies at the city, state, and national levels.

Small businesses also end up assuming many of the difficulties which are caused by employees or customers.  That is simply the role of the small business in America today, and a responsibility the small business owner takes on when they decide to open the doors of their businesses.

Cheers to the small business owner, the risks they take, and the things they do to build the American economy.  They do this primarily by offering a service to clients, and doing it so well that their business grows, requiring them to hire staff and expand.

Because providing service to clients is at the core of every small business, one of the scariest things that can happen to a small business is to have the confidential information of their client database taken from them.  In a day and age of electronic communication, this is most often caused by hacking, malware, negligent employees, or competitors causing willful destruction.

Not only are business computers the place where customer and supplier data is stored, they are also the primary productivity tools in most businesses, managing everything from cashflow to mailing to pretty much every aspect of the business cycle.

As a result, most small business owners know just how important it is to keep their computers protected and running smoothly.  But with all that it takes to run a small business, becoming a computer expert is not high on the priority (or desires) list.

This is one of the reasons why we talk a lot about products and services on this site which help small business owners with their technology needs.  This is also the reason for this article today.  You can have options to protect your Small Business from the latest online threats

Right now, Norton has a 30% discount for small business owners.

New Message-494Whether it’s a negligent employee who is surfing suspect sites on work time, or an actual malicious attack, it’s more important than ever to have software in place that provides layered protection for the computers that small businesses use.

Norton offers multiple products which accomplish these tasks for personal/home use and business use.  Norton has recently updated their products as well (Norton 360 and Internet Security 2012) so that you can be aware of all the latest threats and possible compromises to your computers.

Having software in place is a good idea.

Protect your computers before

  • an attack,
  • a negligent act,
  • a simple lack of understanding,

and do it before one of the above leaves your computer unusable or your data compromised. 

Spending a little bit in advance to have some protections in place can save you both time and money, the two things small business owners have the least of.

Take a look at Norton’s discounts on their products, and let us know in the comments below:

Are you currently using Norton Small Business by Symantec (or any of their home products) for your computers, or will you in the future? 

Which one of Symantec’s products is most beneficial for you and why?

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