Safer Shopping On Line-Tips Just in Time for Our Holiday Shopping

The holidays are approaching and with it the busiest time of the year for families, people and businesses. How can you get all your shopping done in time for the holidays? By shopping on-line! But how can you stay save while getting more accomplished faster? Check out these tips and ask these questions before you buy.

Google and AARP have joined together in an effort to provide information on a number of important topics, including identity theft. One video that can help you this holiday season is “Safer Shopping On-Line.” In this video, Google Systems Engineer Maile Ohye provides:
*information on trusting your on-line shopping experience and organizations
*four questions you should ask before you buy on-line
*how to tell if your on-line shopping site is secure and what they can and may do with your information once you provide it.
This engineer advocates not using public computers for shopping and banking on-line as they may not be safe. See our article 7 Steps to Protect Yourself with Shared Computers on ways to use a public computer to have a safer shopping experience.

Source: Google and One-Line Safety

2 thoughts on “Safer Shopping On Line-Tips Just in Time for Our Holiday Shopping”

  1. Great info. I’m glad the AARP is involved in safe online shopping now, as this category tends to be the most wary of online shopping. This can help boost shopping in general and at the same time, keep people from being “had”.
    I personally tend to be more trusting of brick-and-mortar stores so I can see the point there.
    Thanks a bunch for posting this.

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