Roxio VHS to DVD Review and Software Download

Download Roxio Easy VHS to DVD Converter Software
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So you’ve got a bunch of old VHS tapes, right?

Or maybe you even happened across a bunch of VHS tapes at a garage sale and bought them all for $5 or less, thinking that there had to be some software you could download (or some other way) to convert the VHS tapes from VHS to DVD.

Well, there is.

It’s with a software from a company called Roxio who makes a program called Easy VHS to DVD.

Not very creative as a title, but at least the tile of Roxio’s software tells you exactly what it does.

It comes with instructions, which (when you review them for yourself) makes it seem like the program will make it easy to convert your VHS tapes to DVD’s.

Here are the instructions:

  • Use your VCR or camcorder and Roxio Easy VHS to DVD.
  • Simply connect your PC to your computer and capture the video.
  • Burn the recording directly to DVDs.
  • Add Hollywood-style DVD menus, and share your DVD with others on DVD, or copy your videos to iPod or PSP.

Those are the instructions.

Simple, right?

Not exactly.

Roxio Easy DVD to VHS used to have lots of problems. If you read the reviews on sites like Amazon, you’ll see that earlier versions of this software didn’t work on download, or that reviewers simply couldn’t get things connected properly.

In more recent reviews however, it seems that Roxio has gotten many of these problems fixed.

For our part, we had no troubles( during our review) of downloading or installing the software.

Where we ran into trouble was trying to capture video from the VHS while burning simultaneously.

Roxio’s instructions say that you can do that.

It may work that way (simultaneous capturing and burning), but based on our review of the software, we wouldn’t recommend doing that. You may end up destroying packs of new DVD’s trying to get the software to capture and burn at the same time.

After reviewing the software, here’s what we recommend you do instead.

Within the Easy VHS to DVD menu, you’ll see it’s possible to capture the video to your computer.

Once you’ve captured the video completely, then burn that file (your VHS recording that is now on your computer) onto a disc.

While reviewing the software, we found that doing it this way (capturing first, and then burning to DVD afterwards) takes more time (obviously).

It also means more time in terms of editing.

However, once the file is on your computer, you can do whatever you want with it.

This includes converting the video file to PSP or iPod format.

If you have the file on the computer already, the DVD burn process works nearly perfectly (95% of the time based on our review), and the video quality turns out great.

Final review:
Spend the time necessary to learn to use Roxio’s Easy VHS to DVD, do the capture process separate from the burn process, and you will likely be very pleased with your results.

Download Roxio Easy VHS to DVD Converter Software
Save $10 right now on Easy VHS to DVD from Roxio through the link below: