PSN Hackers Target PS4 Users, Sony Stays Silent

In December of 2013, PlayStation 4 users began seeing a problem with “irregular activity” on their accounts.  Sony reset PlayStation Network passwords after noticing the irregular activity that users were complaining about. Several users saw charges being made to their accounts while their game system was off.  According to Gaming Bolt, users are still reporting the same issues that were reported months ago.  And there seems to be a direct link with FIFA games.  In FIFA games there are several things you can buy with real money. Some users link their credit cards to the games in order to buy the things wanted or needed in the game being played.

Many users have complained that it wasn’t just PlayStation Network hackers targeting PS4 users. Some Xbox 360 users have faced similar hacking attempts. One user claimed, “Something similar happened to me on Xbox 360, was charged $135 and they bought FIFA and season pass and crap. Microsoft cleared it all but it took 3 weeks and they temporarily closed my account during the investigation.”

Sony isn’t talking. Although the hacks began months ago the big gaming giant has yet to say anything about the hack attempts.  No one knows if Sony is working on the problem or whether any effort has been made to make PSN secure.

PSN users need to make sure their accounts can’t get hacked. One way that users can prevent hackers from stealing their information is to create a complex password that isn’t used anywhere else. Users should also change that password frequently. Users should report any suspicious activity as soon as possible and they should never, ever give out personal information like credit card numbers or social security numbers.