Privacy Pro: Best Anonymous Surf Proxy For The Internet?

Privacy Pro Lets you Surf the web anonymously
Free Trial of Privacy Pro Anonymous Surf Software

From a personal security and personal liberty standpoint, many people don’t realize is the implications behind the Internet being a 2-way connection.

Surfing the web gives you the ability to have a window on the world, choosing what you want to see while you surf.

However, in that process, you’re giving your ISP and/or toolbar/browser companies the ability to gather information about who you are and what kinds of information you like to surf.

You don’t have to be doing something illegal or be a professional criminal to want more privacy while surfing the web.

And let’s be clear that wanting to be able to surf the Internet anonymously is okay.

There’s no reason that your Internet Service Provider, Google, Microsoft, the government, or anyone else needs to know everything about your surfing habits or what you look at on the web.

More problematic, however, is that thieves can mask themselves as legitimate businesses or enterprises and collect information about you, the computer, your location, and your operating system

In addition to knowing what kinds of information you like to surf the web and look for, all of this information becomes pieces of a puzzle which can be aggregated into a complete picture of you.

Computers make that aggregation simple for identity thieves, who can take that aggregate picture of you, and use it to “become” you for their own (often nefarious) purposes.

Whether you’re concerned about identity theft through your computer, or just want to be able to surf anonymously, Privacy Pro offers you a solution.

Privacy Pro can automatically configure your computer to obscure your IP address through IP Privacy.

IP Privacy is a tool which lets you anonymously surf the web by hiding your computer’s IP address.

The countries available to you to choose from (for your proxy surfing) include the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Iceland, and Canada.

Privacy Pro’s IP Privacy is an anonymous browsing software which also cleans your browser.

This helps prevent you from being tracked by thieves on the web.

Other nice features:
Privacy Pro’s IP Privacy gives you a way to access blocked websites (say for example you’re trying to surf specific sites from countries where those sites are blocked).
Privacy Pro lets you join and comment in groups using proxies from countries where those newsgroups are allowed (even though you’re not physically in those countries)
Privacy Pro helps to safeguard your computer against identity thieves and hackers

Privacy Pro also uses high quality proxies so that you can have excellent speeds while using their service, and you can also set Privacy Pro’s IP Privacy so that it will run when you start up your computer.

If you’re looking for a more anonymous experience while surfing the web, try out Privacy Pro’s free trial.

Privacy Pro Lets you Surf the web anonymously
Free Trial of Privacy Pro Anonymous Surf Software