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Panda Antivirus Software provides one stop shopping for all your antivirus, software and hardware protection needs as well as scanning for current threats that may exist on your computer and parental controls. Read more to find out how Panda Antivirus Software’s Internet Security 2008 software can protect your identity and personal information.

Panda Software offers four products to protect your home computer system: Internet Security 2008, Antivirus 2008, Antivirus and Firewall 2008, and Desktop Secure for Linux. It also offers two “instant” scan products; NanoScan and TotalScan
Internet Security 2008 features anti virus software that protects: your identity, children, personal computer, hardware, and software as well as financial and other information. This anti virus software program also has added three new features to the program.
First, your identity is protected by the built in notification system that informs the user whenever personal and financial information is released from the computer. For example, when shopping online, Panda Antivirus software will notify you that your credit card information is being released and ask if you want to proceed. This software also protects your children with custom filters for internet usage according to specific categories such as child or adolescent, and there is even a category for employees. It monitors sites that contain objectionable language, sexual, violent or racist content.
With Panda antivirus software, computer users can repair many minor problems with their hardware or software operating systems that cause their computers to run slower. Internet Security 2008 allows you to easily access the tools needed for removing cookies, temporary internet files, and internet history, followed by a quick empty of the recycle bin. It also allows users to quickly access their computers’ software to defragment the disk making their computer run more efficiently. An additional way this antivirus software protects your computer is by providing the user with tools for creating automatic back up copies to either the hard drive or any other external drive. If you have information, graphics, or documents too large to save on your computer or you are worried about space, then you can use Panda Software’s online secure server with approximately 1GB of space.
Internet Security 2008 also provides up to date antivirus protection for known and unknown viruses by updating regularly and automatically, as well as utilizing a built in “threat detector” that analyzes information from emails and websites as you access them. Many viruses, spyware, ad, or malware can be detected using Panda’s antivirus software containing “anti rootkit”which detects the coding used in many different threats to your computer and your information.
Website access and email are much safer with this antivirus software. Anti spyware, anti spam and anti phishing software are included in the Internet Security 2008 package. These three features protect your computer by identifying phishing (emails that request personal information on pretext) and spam (junk mail) and keeping them out of your in box. You can review those items that are separated and determine if you want them permanently deleted. The antispyware protection scans websites, emails, and attachments for spyware that may otherwise infiltrate your computer; locate and send out or allow access to your web browsing, shopping or hard drive information; and send it out for use in a variety of illegal means, including identity theft and fraud.
The newest options available through Panda Software to determine if your computer is already at risk are the “Nanoscan,” “TotalScan,” and Panda ActiveScan Pro. With these three programs, you may scan your computer to determine if it has already been infected by a virus or spyware and quickly isolate the problem and repair it. Each scan takes anywhere from 1 minute to 1 hour (depending on your connection speed and other factors) to complete the scan and repair. These three systems were very easy to use, and did not interfere with my other programs as I waited for the scan results.
The other products available through Panda Software for home users are abbreviated versions of Internet Security 2008. Antivirus 2008 provides antivirus and spyware protection; Antivirus and Firewall 2008 provides firewall, antivirus and spyware protection but not the other options available in Internet Security 2008. Desktop Secure for Linux provides Linux users with antivirus, email, and firewall protection specifically designed for the Linux operating systems.
Panda Software also provides networking, administration antivirus, malware, and spyware protection for businesses and their operating systems. It has won awards and recognition in several countries for the effectiveness and ease of operating its system. In the UK, PC Advisor awarded Internet Security 2007 a Gold Award, praising the quickness of its scanning and repair systems with the use of fewer computer resources. PC World (Spain) awarded it 5 stars for the thoroughness of its protection.
Internet Security 2008 is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 2000. One year of service is $69.95 for up to three computers, and includes 24 hour telephone customer support. In addition to telephone support, technical and customer support is also available online and includes information on installation, configuration, passwords and your account. A free 30 day trial is available as well.
Still not sure if Panda Antivirus Software is the right product for you? The answer is black and white–either your computer and information is protected or it isn’t. If you need an antivirus software program, Panda Software’s Internet Security 2008, with its ease of use, speed, and all purpose nature, might be just the right choice for you. Try it on for “size” for 30 days and then decide how you want to protect your identity, family and computer.
Panda Internet Security 2008

Save $15 on Panda Antivirus
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