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Our review of Paperport

Purchasing Paperport was simple. Through the coupon, we got a discount from Scan Soft (now Nuance).

Paperport came up easily, and the install went smoothly on my Windows 7 machine. Once I opened Paperport, it had already found both my scanner and printer and started the synching process.

Getting everything into the new version of Paperport was quite simple.

I know that some reviews I’ve read about Paperport say that it’s not a solid piece of software. I don’t know if those are old reviews, but I can only assume that the other negative reviews from others were due to not understanding basic computer stuff. If you can use Skype or open Microsoft programs, Paperport should work very well for you.

In my experience for this review, Paperport 12 worked quickly, creating professional scans, and worked without any additional help from me.

Potential negatives for Paperport (though we had to look to find these… Paperport is pretty solid as a program for electronic filing or document sharing):

1 – A scanner, or a very good camera, is necessary for using Paperport. It seems like this should be obvious, but apparently from some reviews I’ve read, people want to use scanning software without having scanned anything. (Who are these people?)
2 – Using Paperport to scan and backup documents, bills, statements, etc. (especially if you plan to throw those documents away once they have been scanned), you will want good mirroring software, AND a duplicate backup somewhere off-site, in case of theft or fire.

Things we really like about Paperport include:
– Paperport has a great auto-cropping and trim features. These help to take care of that extra space around the pictures/scans
– Will work with the old files from old versions of Paperport (.max).
– You can scan directly to a PDF
– Set your own thumbnails on many file types
– There are some great features in the software. One oy my favourites lets you scan in any form and turn it into an electronic form that someone can type in.

Reviewing the overall look of the newest version of Paperport, we’ve been pleased.

Also, from older reviews, we’ve understood that Paperport used to take a long time to load information. However, Paperport’s recent advances show the program to be much quicker.

Final review:
If you’re looking for good software for scanning and backing up documents, we think you’ll be pleased with Nuance/Scan Soft Paperport.

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