Oklahoma Disaster Officials Are Now Fighting Off Fraud

It might seem hard to believe, but even areas that are suffering are not immune to fraudsters and scam artists. In fact, these areas seem to draw them in like crazy. In Oklahoma, where the tornadoes and disasters touched down with regularity over the past few months, the scam artists are already trying to take advantage of insurance and government programs. The tornado outbreak started around May 19 and the anti-fraud units in Oklahoma have been on high alert. In fact, officials from North Carolina have come in to aid in the fight as well.

The fraud is multifaceted and includes fraud of the victims, fraud of the system and insurance fraud to name a few.  Tornado victims are being counseled to teach them what to look out for, but it seems inevitable that there will be victims that were victims to start with. How someone can victimize people that have been through so much is hard to understand.

The other part of policing the situation includes checking out various licenses and permits, as well as insurance information in storm-ravaged areas in Oklahoma. These records will be invaluable as time goes on and claims start coming in.

With those additional claims comes the need for emergency adjusters. Because of this, they are quickly teaching and churning out new adjusters to help get the claims answered. The problems with the claims being paid is that it draws these scumbags like flies to rotten food. They hear about the insurance payouts and they come running with one scam or another to try to get a piece of the money.

It is absolutely vital that people that are in this position be vigilant. Pay attention to who you are talking to and don’t take “under the table” deals that seem too good to be true. Instead, go through the proper channels and get the job done correctly. Nearly $250 million dollars have been paid out in Oklahoma already. That information is public and will draw in the scam artists in droves.

Despite the fraud, people in Oklahoma will prevail and band together in this time of tragedy. That is one thing that America is known for. When things like this happen, they team up and join arms to fight the fight. Oklahoma is no different and it is only a matter of time before they are back on their feet. Do what you can to help by donating and helping out via the Red Cross in your area.