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The basic core function of Nuance as a business is to acquire or develop, and effectively market/distribute technology which recognizes human voices. The advanced technology, and the code which runs this technology for Nuance, is really incredible.

And the code running the software makes a difference in people’s lives.

Nuance has solid voice recognition technology. This has given people with physical disabilities the means to have their voice transcribed, as well as turned into meaningful commands for computers and technology.

Instead of being confined to no longer communicating after a physical disability happens (due to accident or illness or simply being born physically challenged) people can change their circumstances and capabilities simply by learning voice commands.

The disabled now have the same access to basic conveniences which the non-disabled often take for granted.

But non-disabled people know many of these conveniences as essential to our every day lives.

If you want, you can read these stories on the Nuance website under the “I Speak Dragon” section.

Really powerful to see a strong company with a strong code of ethics producing software which really does have a positive impact in the world.

Nuance software is also helping to prevent something you’ve maybe heard of, but don’t understand the dangers of.

Distracted driving is a term which relates to people attempting to text while driving.

Who are these people? If you’ve texted while driving, go see the movie 8 pounds with Will Smith.

If you still think that texting while driving is okay, and think it couldn’t happen to you, then shame on you. Seriously.

Especially when the technology exists today, and there’s even a discount code available, for making voice-enabled phone interactions, and even texting, simple to do with the power of your voice.

You really shouldn’t be doing anything while driving, except driving. But if you must “text”, at least text with your voice.

Look at some of the things that a strong code of ethics has allowed Nuance to create:

– Nuance has more than 6,000 employees
– Nuance has more than 35 regional offices
– Nuance has sales representation in more than 70 countries
– Nuance has achieved 40 percent compound sales growth over six years
– Nuance speech solutions support up to 50 different languages
– Nuance holds more than 1,000 patents and patent families
– Nuance maintains one of the world’s largest libraries of speech data
– Nuance solutions are used in nearly two-thirds of Fortune 100 companies

Through a strong code of ethics, Nuance also works to be aware of and create solutions to environmental challenges doing business can create. There are many examples of what Nuance does to help the environment (social, cultural, and ecological) in the countries where they operate.

I know you’re just here to get the discount codes, so I’ll get to those shortly.

But here are a few cool “green” things Nuance is doing include efficient lighting in their offices and fair-trade coffee in Nuance break rooms. They also offer employees telecommute kinds of work when possible and give new employees reusable water bottles and coffee mugs.

Since you’re probably just here for the Nuance discount codes (rather than to read more about Nuance’s code of ethics) I’ll give those discount codes to you now.

However, suffice to say that this is a company worth noting, and one I am impressed by.

5% Discount Code off Nuance Paperport:

5% Discount Code off Dragon Naturally Speaking:

5% Discount Code off Dragon Dictate (for Mac):

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