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Hi all…
Interesting Identity theft articles I read today…–identitytheft0118jan18,0,5090177.story?coll=ny-region-apnewyork (Looks like law enforcement is finally catching up with a few of the people from ShadowCrew – still have a long ways to go though.)

Identity theft everywhere you look in Burnett County (Wisconsin)
“Along with checking receipts, Wilhelm suggested people look at their credit reports once a year and look at all the activity. Anything that seems out of place, they should contact their creditors or banks immediately to dispute something.”
This is a great piece of advice, except for one problem… Let’s say that I check my report today. My Identity is stolen one month from now, and someone applies for four lines of credit in my name, and two of them are approved. That thief then runs up charges on “my” cards, and these are cards which I don’t even know I have until 6 months later, when the collection agency sends me a notice of delinquency.
Clearly, there’s some flawed logic in the idea that checking your credit report once/year will protect you from Identity Theft.