National Identity Cards With Biometric Identification Will Fix The Social Security Administration’s Problems?

While something must be done about the ridiculousness of our current flimsy paper social security cards (I’m not even sure most people know where their cards are), it’s also scary to some people to think of a “national Identity card.” (For some biblical scholars, a national Identity Card would be a confirmation of things forecasted in the book of Revelations in the bible.)
There’s no question that the social security administration’s system is, at best, outdated, and that it poses a large threat to the future welfare of our great country.
But the solution must be bigger than requiring better Identity cards.
Read below to see the legislation put forward by Mark Steven Kirk, a representative from Illinois.

HON. MARK STEVEN KIRK of Illinois in the House Of Representatives
Wednesday, February 13, 2008
Mr. KIRK. Madam Speaker, today, along with my colleague Mr. Roskam, I am introducing legislation requiring the Social Security Administration to develop secure Social Security cards to combat the rising problem of identity theft and immigration fraud.
Since Social Security started in 1935, more than 450 million Social Security cards have been issued. Over the years, we’ve had 50 card variations, but all have one common element–they are too easy to counterfeit.
According to a 2005 Government Accountability Office report, employers reported the use of 1.4 million Social Security numbers that don’t exist. Additionally, nearly 1.7 million numbers have been used by multiple individuals, some as many as 500 times or more.
In 2006, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials made 1,272 arrests for identity and benefit fraud. While there is no central database for confiscated fraudulent Social Security card statistics, regional illegal document rings illustrate a systemic problem.
Last April, Federal agents arrested 23 individuals and broke up an illegal document ring in the Little Village neighborhood of Chicago. Officials estimated that up to 100 fake Social Security cards were issued each day at the location. According to the Northern Illinois U.S. Attorney’s Office, the enterprise netted $3 million per year for a violent Mexico-based crime syndicate.
ICE broke up a similar ring in the same neighborhood in December 2005. Last October, Cook County Sheriff’s detectives arrested two individuals for manufacturing hundreds of fake identification documents in Chicago’s West Lawn neighborhood. Outside of the Chicago area, one ICE raid in Washington, DC, netted 880 fake Social Security cards.
In Waukegan, police raids discovered numerous crimes of identity theft, including criminals purchasing homes and cars with stolen Social Security numbers. For as little as $100, an individual in Waukegan can purchase a fake Social Security card.
It’s time we upgrade Social Security cards with photos and biometric data like a fingerprint to protect seniors from identity theft and prevent draining of Social Security trust funds.
Many government agencies already use secure IDs, including the Department of Defense. An ID with a bar code embedded with biometric data, as well as a picture, will help prevent counterfeiting. We have the technology now–there is no excuse to use a document that anyone can forge at a Kinkos.
To protect seniors, fight identity theft and defend our homeland, I urge my colleagues to join this effort.

What do you think the solution is to this growing and pervasive issue?
Should we all be required to carry national ID cards with biometrics identification in their very design?
Should the social security administration be required to overhaul their systems?
Should employers be required to have stricter policies when checking Identities of new employees?
Do you have a suggestion that would fix this system?
(Or just a complaint about how it’s currently working/not working?)
Voice your thoughts using the comments below.
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6 thoughts on “National Identity Cards With Biometric Identification Will Fix The Social Security Administration’s Problems?”

  1. Our organization the Identity Theft Resource Group works with people on a daily basis who are trying to protect themselves from Identity Theft. The situation is one that needs to be really looked at from a legislative standpoint as every day thousands of people fall victim to this crime. The penalties need to be increased for the criminals who are committing these crimes and stiffer penalties for organizations which fail to protect our sensitive information. These bio-metric cards are one way to protect the SS # dilemma but what about the other types of Identity theft.
    Timmer Halligan
    [Identity Theft Secrets: Timmer, thanks for your comment. Do you really think that legislation will fix the issue?]

  2. First Nation Ojibway in Canada to Use Bio-ID Cards for Border-Crossing
    Feb 15, 2008, News Report
    The Garden River First Nation (an Ojibway Tribe of North American
    Indians), headquartered at the eastern boundary of the city of Sault
    Sainte Marie, Ontario, Canada, has signed an agreement to license and
    use Veritec’s 2-D VSCode Biometric technology for multi-purpose cards
    which will serve as Tribal Member ID, Border-crossing (from and to
    Ontario, Canada) control and passport-backup ID cards. The technology
    stores the individual’s fingerprint minutiae in the 2-D VSCode, which
    is robust, compact and low cost.
    “The Garden River Nation’s 2,200 enrolled tribal members will be the
    first in Canada to be able to identify, without any doubt, their
    people are who they say they are,” said Ms. Tran. “The tribal leaders
    should be commended for their truly historic foresight to know they’re
    opening the door in Canada for what we believe to be the best counter-
    terrorism, identity-theft solution possible, and hopefully, other
    Canadian and Mexican border tribes, on both sides of those borders,
    and other U.S. states, will follow suit soon.” (Montana’s Blackfeet
    Nation initiated U.S. tribal use of Veritec’s same technology and
    application in October, 2007.)
    Ms. Tran’s comments were echoed by several tribal officials: Tribal
    Council Member and Senior Forest Technician, Blaine Belleau, stated,
    “We’re excited to be the first tribe north of the U.S. border to
    embrace this new technology which will help us prove we are who we say
    we are, When 9/11 occurred, and deadlines were imposed requiring proof-
    positive identification for everyone crossing the Canadian border,
    from either side, it played a big part in making our decision to re-
    define ourselves. These new cards and the state-of-the-art technology
    will allow us to do just that.” Mr. Belleau continued, “The whole
    scenario is to re-capture our identity. Many presume who we are, but
    our history pre-dates the creation of Canada and the U.S. To be
    correctly identified and stated, I’m a North American born in Canada.
    These cards will play a very important part in the re-definition of
    who we are, and also, on a personal level, will create a re-definition
    of who I am.”

  3. DON’T BE FOOLED !!!!!
    I personally cringe at the thought of an ID card with a verichip….I
    think it is dangerous. I wonder who conned them into this. These
    chips give out GPS signals and all sorts of personal info, including
    financial info and CAN BE TURNED OFF by Veritec! or is this
    something different….
    I can tell you this…NO-ONE IS GOING TO CHIP ME or anyone in my
    family…I refuse to own a Nstional ID card and if they try to put it
    in my driver’s license I’ll won’t drive I will walk or hitch.
    It reminds me of Nazi Germany “Papers, please!”


    I have been researching and in 2004- 2005 ,a new law was created and the purpose of this ne law ,was that all the Federal agencies will function as one ,the same information will be shared , the fact is that we will not have any type of privacy.
    Currently Google maps, can show the exact location of were we live.
    If you get to buy your HDTV receiver,you might encounter some other problems. The satelite system function ,just like the biometric system,so if you get you “box” this will be a point of encounter for this satelite signals so therefore the law enforcement (if they have acces to this new system) will be able to see what is happening at that very moment, even inside your house.
    This is the reality now!Wake up. The only places that you will not have that problem will be in the mountains , were you don’t have a receiver or there are not antennas , althout the satelite system will catch some info but not all you could walk free of some one spying on you,.
    This is worst than a “fiction movie”, to my understanding the goverment has been implementing this system! and not only that, just with your name, e-mail address, phone number or social security ,they can find out , Who is your family , where you live in and even your pet’s name!.
    Whatever search we do Google,aol,yahoo, etc.,they keep it forever is just like our profile.
    Currently I am implementing this type of system but I am just in the II PHASE (implementing it), and is a good way to fight with the Identity teft! but unfortunately in not 100% accurate,couterfeiters have technology too, and the excel program can be very useful to crack many forms or ids, and even some security systems.
    “In the future the only solution will be a chip in our bodies, the Fingerprint or the Eye Recognition System”.
    More likely will be the chip, because you can imput lots of data just with one scann,( just like the bar code. I have to say this to you guys ,if you have not accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior , now is the time”
    Whatever is in the bible has been fulfilled, new inventions, “new airplane-cars” have been already , “new space vacations”, “viruses” are worst than ever.
    In and interview give to the inventor of the “Eye Recognition System” he felt sorry or created such a thing!
    And wait there is more!, in a USA, City,One company has implemented the “Finger Identification Number” with this system you go to the store put your finger print and gave your id , social seurity card and bank or credit card acount, so next time when you go to “shop” you just need to use your “finger print” and the system will automaticly withdraw the money from your account! .
    Therefore the solution will be either the the Fingerprint, the Eye Recognition System or the chip , but what out becuase , Who can guarantee you that the chip will not have any poison , or bacteria in it, causing you any disease or even death!
    In the Mexican Border with the USA , “the Euro is a thing of everyday” and it looks like the Mexican peso,. In USA there are rumors or the Amero the American (continental) coin so all americas will use in the future and little by little they will be just one, just wait for acouple of years.
    Banks have been bought.,Texas State bank ,has been bougth from Compass Bank and this bank uses the same color and is working bank just like Mexican Banks ( Banco Bilbao Vicaya or better know as BBVA) and Mexican Banks work ,just like the European Banks, Coincidence?
    If you want to travel in Europe , you must have and ID, for certain countries, just like the “New USA ID Passport!
    When the Agreement of “Libre Comercio” was signed between USA,CANADA, and Mexico it opened the door for new Laws and new way to control some how the future.
    In the future “you will see that will not be a requirment to travel wherever you want, but only one ID and before this happen laws have to change, the coin system will change , and the countries must sign un “Acuerdo”!
    Think about it, “We dont have the power to chance of wthat it is to come, but we have to change the way we thinK and live our lives”

  5. In Korea to collect nationl pension citizens must show up once a year to prove they are not dead.
    We have the computer ability to use fingerprints for identification.
    It should also be required here; that in order to collect retirement from a job, or social security, the person must prove their identify with a finger print scan once a year
    Letting a caregiver sign for an incompetent patient is not adequate.
    fingerprint scan requirements would also eliminate people, requesting more than one ss card, and getting more than one check for ss

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