LoudSiren Identity Theft Warning System Provides Emergency Services

LoudSiren Identity Theft Warning System promotes as a full service solution to identity theft. This service, by Debix, does many things for you, including; contacting credit agencies and setting up fraud alerts, acting as a middle man between your credit information and personal information, making it more difficult to obtain and misuse it ,as well as giving you, as a member of their system, $1 million dollars in identity theft insurance coverage. Read more to find out how LoudSiren can protect you, your friends and family from identity theft.

Just the other day, emergency vehicles came rushing down my street with sirens blaring, horns blowing, and lights flashing and I thought, “Wouldn’t it be nice if there were loud sirens whenever I was in danger? Like right before I was hit by a car, maybe a loud siren could warn me.” Now, in the financial realm, there is a service that is just that.
LoudSiren, an Identity Theft Warning System built and supported by Debix, is a company doing promotions around being your resource for sounding an “alarm” whenever changes to your credit standing are in danger.
LoudSiren promotes themselves as an identity protection network, which is code for “We’re a bit different than the other guys promoting products in the Identity Theft arena.”
If an individual feels that they have been or may become a victim of identity theft, they can sign up to become members of LoudSiren, which will, on their behalf, place fraud alerts on their credit report with the three major reporting credit agencies (TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax) for 90 days, renewable as long as the membership is continued. A fraud alert is a “note” placed on your credit record which requires lenders to verify your identity and application for credit, prior to increasing or issuing credit in your name. Once the fraud alert is in place, confirmation of your identity is required before any creditor may issue new credit in your name, increase credit limits, approve loans, or approve any new credit accounts.
To enroll, you complete the enrollment form either via the Internet or by using a regular mail application form. To complete the enrollment you create a “safe telephone number” and a “voice key.” The safe number is a telephone number within the LoudSiren system that is contacted whenever requests for credit are made in your name. The voice key is a private message in which you state and record some whatever private message you want. This gives you a method of authenticating yourself, so that you know that it is a valid request for credit information.
After phone calls requesting any changes to your credit are made, Debix forwards those numbers to up to three telephone numbers that you register with this service. First, members hear their pre-recorded message to verify that it is an authentic request for credit information, and then they can confirm or deny that the request for credit has been made by them. If you did not make the call, the credit application will be denied. If you did, you simply state so and the credit application process will proceed from there.
In addition to placing a fraud alert on your credit report, LoudSiren also obtains three credit reports for your use. Approximately 10 days after enrolling and placing fraud alerts on your credit reports, Loudsiren’s members receive a notification stating that their fraud alerts have been set and they also receive instructions on how to obtain copies of their free credit reports.
Additional protection in case of damage to your credit through identity theft is available in the form of a $1 million dollar insurance policy, provided by Debix, as well as additional coverage by AIG Insurance, which is used to assist you in cases of identity theft with restoration costs, attorney fees, and lost income due to attempting to correct any damages to your credit as a result of identity theft.
The service LoudSiren provides protects your identity in several ways. First, it provides a barrier between you and the rest of the world. Instead of using your own home telephone number, which may also put you at risk for identity theft, LoudSiren serves as a middle man between credit lenders, credit agencies, and individuals.
The credit issuer must first contact LoudSiren by telephone at the number designed as a LoudSiren safe number. This number decreases the number of times your home telephone number is released.
Secondly, it could stop someone from creating or increasing credit in your name. Instances of identity theft are more likely to decrease with several layers of code systems in place to protect your information.
Next, LoudSiren’s services will work to correct damage to your credit through tracking calls received into the identity theft prevention network, as well as by providing financial support in the event of identity theft.
In order to use LoudSiren, you first must create an account with them. You may do this through the Internet or by regular mail. The cost of this service is $9.00 a month or $99.00 a year. Only individual plans are available, however, if you have the authority and information needed to create an account for someone else (i.e. power of attorney) you may.
Accounts for minors are not available. Customer support is available through a “contact us” form located on the website, via email, fax or telephone call. Many technical and general support questions are addressed on LoudSiren’s website.
Having a siren warn you that something is going wrong is a nice feature. Because of Loudsiren setting up an additional code level between you and the credit companies, you can get a warning without having someone contacting your home or cell number directly.
LoudSiren may be a good service to help you in case of a credit emergency, so if you’re interested, give it a try today.