Khloe Kardashian Denies Cathy’s Kids Charity Problems

Khloe Kardashian was quick to go on the offensive when accusations recently arose about husband Lamar Odom and his charity known as Cathy’s Kids. The former NBA superstar was recently mentioned in an ESPN episode of “Outside the Lines” where the charity was supposedly investigated. Odom began Cathy’s Kids as a tribute to his mom that passed away when he was a child from stomach cancer. The charity was originally intended to help with cancer research as well as underprivileged children.

The ESPN program claimed that the charity had not offered up one penny to cancer research since 2004, despite bringing in $2.2 million dollars. It also pointed out that 60 percent was allegedly used for team travel with two of the elite basketball teams.

Kardashian was adamant about Odom and his intentions being pure and this seems like a possible mix up of intentions. Odom was the primary source of the money to start with according to Khloe. When the charity first began, it seemed to be intended towards helping with cancer research. Over time, the charity began focusing on inner city children and helping them get a leg up in life.

Kardashian further went on to say that nobody in her family received one dime of the money. She mentioned that the IRS had given the foundation “a clean bill of health” and that a decision was made to focus more sharply on the youth as opposed to cancer research.

Certainly the shifted focus would raise some eyebrows. If you say a charity is for cancer research, then it could be assumed that you were using it for such. When your charity has a multi-pronged focus, however, the waters get a bit murkier. Changing the focus of a charity is a big deal and it would be logical to expect a clear change in all materials involved in raising money. It is unclear whether this was done at this time.

In today’s world, professional athletes are among the most scrutinized of all. Being a Kardashian amps that up to ridiculous proportions. If a Kardashian gains a pound or walks out their front door, someone is there to take a picture and write a story about it. This means that the little details matter that much more for such a powerful family.


How this situation will end up is anyone’s guess, but Khloe stands firmly behind her man. Lamar Odom is a well respected guy in the world of professional sports. Perhaps this was simply a misunderstanding that needs a bit more clarification. Only time will tell.