Just Announced Promo Codes: Lojack for Laptops April 2011 Promo Codes

It’s not that often that we just write on IdentityTheftSecrets about promo codes offered by a company. Sure, we post about promos all the time, but we usually try to tell you something about the company offering the promo code.

Well, we’ve already been extolling the virtues of LoJack for Laptops on IdentityTheftSecrets, so the entire purpose of this post is to tell you that we’ve just learned about some great promo codes being offered by the company for April only.

Take a look at the promo codes below and find the one most applicable to the Lojack for Laptops product you want to buy.


$5 Off 1 year license of LoJack for Laptops Standard

$10 off LoJack for Laptops Standard – 3 Year License

Promo Code gives $5 off LoJack for Laptops Premium – 1 Year License

Promo Code gives $10 off LoJack for Laptops Premium – 3 Year License