Identity Theft Lands Pregnant Woman In Jail: An Identity Theft Tragedy

Locked up for Identity TheftChristie Scalzo, mother of two and resident of Nevada, has experienced, what I would consider to be, a true Identity Theft Tragedy.
Christie Scalzo’s information was stolen in 2002, from her car, while she shopped at a 99 cent store.
Something that could happen to pretty much anyone.
Fast forward to 2008, when she was pulled over by a police officer, who was just doing his job.
From Identity Theft Victim Locked Up

She was driving with her kids when the 2002 incident would suddenly come back to haunt her…”It was right past the signal when he pulled me over. He said ‘Can I see your license?’ and I said ‘Yeah, what’s the matter?’ Because I know nothing is wrong, I know I don’t have any problems. And he said, ‘Well, I just ran your plates and you have a warrant out of Henderson.’ And, I said, ‘What?'”… Despite Scalzo’s explanations of identity theft to arresting officers, she was taken to the Henderson Detention Center. She was locked up. But the fingerprints from the 2002 arrest were not compared to hers. Neither was the mug shot. Scalzo was booked on burglary , drugs and weapon charges… Scalzo thought if law enforcement would not compare the fingerprints and mug shots, she would have to do that herself. “I went to Henderson courts, police station. I needed mug shots, fingerprints, discovery, all my files, and they all said I have to have an attorney here to subpoena the records.” After spending $3,500 on legal fees and months of litigation, Scalzo would finally get her day in court. It took only seconds. “They dismissed the case. That was it,” Scalzo explains….”I hope this isn’t the end of the case,” Perry (Scalzo’s attorney) said. “They ought to be finding this woman. That woman is still out there somewhere. Still has Christie’s information.”…
Although this mix up is now solved for Scalzo, the story does not end on a happy note. Hours after she was released from the Henderson Detention Center, she miscarried.

Identity Theft causes enough stress to actually cause a miscarriage?
Come on, could that really happen?
You bet.
According to WebMD, stress is a major factor in miscarriage.

“…team of scientists from Tufts University and Greece have identified a suspected chain reaction detailing exactly how stress hormones and other chemicals wreak havoc on the uterus and fetus.”

mad at the Identity ThiefJust makes me mad enough to want to actually hunt down the person who stole her identity and give them a piece of my mind. (Or a piece of my shoe, on their butt, which clearly needs a good kicking.)
But what would the point of that be?
With 10 million pieces of data compromised yearly (I know, recent stats have it at about 8 million – what does it really matter at this point? – each of our information has been compromised at least once), we’re all at risk to have this be a major stress factor in our own lives.
Christie, if you happen to read this, the entire IdentityTheftSecrets community has you in our thoughts and prayers.

5 thoughts on “Identity Theft Lands Pregnant Woman In Jail: An Identity Theft Tragedy”

  1. I blame the police far more that the Id thief in this case. What the hell is wrong with them??

  2. anon,
    Probably every time a police officer goes to arrest someone, that person says “But officer, it wasn’t me.”
    The police were careless not to double check Christie’s prints and picture against the one they had on file, but other than that, they were just doing their job, don’t you think?
    Or do you think she would be justified in taking action against the police?

  3. christie scalzo

    I just wanted to say thank you for your support and prayers i appreciate you picking up the story the more people who are aware the less likely it is to happen to someone else. As for me now i am looking for an attorney to try and get my bail and legal fees back and clear this felony charge from my record and hopefully find the woman who did this so she cannot hurt anyone else. thanls again for your support

  4. I think the woman who stole Christie’s Information should be severely prosecuted with a minimum 10-year sentence and enhanced penalties for committing CRIMINAL Identity Theft (NOT just Identity Theft). However, the police deserve even harsher penalties for Malicious Prosecution, False Imprisonment, Emotional Distress, and even Manslaughter! Because they killed her baby. With Identity Theft as common as it is in Today’s Society, police are ABSOLUTELY supposed to know better than ASSume guilt when there is no physical evidence pointing to the victim. In other words, they should verify fingerprints and mug-shots, but believe what they say until further notice! The “I didn’t do it” Criminal Cliche is no excuse for locking up an innocent person, especially not in this country, even more especially not when it causes a miscarriage of Life. I hope police see this to protect other innocent victims of Criminal Identity Theft from now on!!!

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