Identity Theft and Koreans

Some Americans are a little behind the times.
Today, I called a few local mortgage brokers, in order to offer them free lunch for coming to an informational session on Identity Theft. Bear in mind that I am offering to pay for their lunch at a VERY good Italian restuarant.
Most of them aren’t interested in coming to FREE lunch.
Isn’t that weird?

Now I understand that these mortgage brokers have been hammered by probably every major company out there offering some crappy Identity Theft product or service to protect people (which is most often nothing more than credit monitoring with an Insurance Policy attached).
But they still won’t come for FREE lunch at a nice restaurant.
So here’s a thought.
This little tiny game market in Korea (which is earning hundreds of millions of dollars/month), has cost at least 250,000 Koreans their identities.
Here’s the thing… Most of the people whose identities were used, had NEVER played the game. In fact, most of them had NEVER SEEN the game.
So how were their identities stolen, and why would they be used to play the game?
In order to play the game, you have to have the Korean equivalent of a social security #.
So their information was stolen from other web sites, or companies, where they were already registered. Then they were “registered” for this gaming site.
Dummy people were hired at minimal wage, to play this game, acquiring objects within the game which can be sold for real-world money.
America is next. It won’t be exactly the same, but something like this is on its way.