How to Restore Deleted Texts

As difficult as it may be for some people to believe, texts are a primary method of communication for much of the world’s population.  As a result, some very important information is often sent through texting.

Text communication is not used exclusively for business of course.

Partners, boyfriends/girlfriends, and friends often exchange really nice words and compliments via texting.

So what happens when you accidentally delete a text (one that you wanted to keep) in the process of doing something else on your phone?  What if you want to restore a deleted text?

It’s possible.

If you act quickly, there is a good hope that even though your text message shows as deleted, it’s still on your phone and can be restored.

Personally, I can’t think of a single time I would want to restore a deleted text.  My texting conversations usually don’t last long.  In fact, I rarely, if ever, am the first to send a text.  My text conversations and are usually about things that need to be taken care of anyway (like text conversations with my husband about what time I’ll get off of work or if I want to go out for dinner).

But for some people, getting back the content of their texts is crucially important.

Text messages that were thought to have been deleted have been recovered and restored, and used for all kinds of purposes including hundreds of examples where texts have proven guilt/innocence in court cases.

Restoring deleted texts has become an industry for a few businesses, so there are a variety of mobile SIM card data recovery tools you can purchase.  These let you transfer data from the phone’s SIM card to a computer.

We have checked out the Cell Phone Spy, the OPTION #2, and the OPTION #3.

How to restore deleted texts:

Having used a couple of SIM Card data recovery tools, we have found that restoring texts with any of them seems to achieve about the same results, and the process is pretty much the same.

Basically, you install the software program that comes with the data recovery tool.  (Sometimes this comes on the UBS drive itself, while sometimes the tool will come with a CD.)

Once you have the software installed, turn off the power on your phone.  Removing the battery from your phone, you will see a rectangular-shaped space that holds the SIM card. Depending on the phone, some have a little gate to hold the SIM in place, while others have a little metal bracket.

Either way, gently slide out the SIM card, and put it into the USB device that comes with the data recovery tool kit.

In Windows, once you’ve connected the USB to any USB port on the computer, go to the “Start Menu,” and click on “Program.”  Select the correct program that came with your data recovery toolkit.

Go to “File” and click on the “Restore/Download Text Messages” option. Then you click, (sometimes right click) the deleted messages (these are sometimes shown in red) and then select “Undelete/Restore” to recover them.

And then you can see the text messages restored right on your computer.

You could use this to restore the deleted text messages from someone else’s phone if you wanted to as well.


Overall, the devices for reading text messages all seem to perform about the same.

Here’s an example of one that works to read a SIM Card (but not to restore deleted texts).

If you need to restore deleted text messages, we recommend checking out the Cell Phone Spy.