How to Report Identity Theft and Where to Find Template Letters

Here’s a question that Identity Theft Secrets received recently.
“I’m looking for a general template letter to send to different people and agencies to report being a victim of identity theft. Someone stole my Social Security # and name from a lost wallet and has been working in various areas/states using my information, reporting that I’m there. The Social Security Administration does nothing and the IRS is keeping refunds due saying that the income (I never received) was not reported to the IRS. Need help to get a generic letter to send to credit reporting agencies, IRS, police dept, etc. This was reported in the past but NO ONE even acknowledged receipt. Maybe a handwritten note was not taken seriously. This is for my son who does not have a computer and I offered to try to help, but I am not that knowledgeable with computers so said I would look for assistance. Thank You.”

First of all, my apologies to your son. Because the crook(s) who did (are doing) this will likely never apologize on their own (nor will they be made to apologize because they probably won’t be caught), someone owes your son an apology. So, I’m sorry that this has happened to him.
Second, you are not alone. Unfortunately for your son, he is one of a great many people who are experiencing this kind of frustration, annoyance, and interruption of life.
Third, if you are looking to be able to report Identity Theft yourself, and you are looking for the ultimate resource on Identity Theft letters, there is simply no better place for you to be looking than at the Identity Theft Resource Center’s form letters page(s).
Finally, you can report this identity theft yourself, but if you’re looking for my opinion, I really recommend you look into a legal plan, and an Identity Theft plan, going foward. You say that your letters weren’t responded to, but you’d be amazed that the response a letter from an attorney can sometimes get.
Whatever you decide to do, do not ignore the problem, thinking it will go away. It’s very likely that it won’t. You must report Identity Theft and work to get it resolved, whether that’s through template letters from the ITRC, or by having an attorney and licensed investigator go to work on your behalf.