Here’s Phishy

Eweek had an interesting “By the Numbers” inset in their most recent publication, pulling numbers from the Anti-Phishing Working Group, which I thought would be worthwhile to share here…

October 2005:
There were 15,820 Unique Phishing Reports received.
4,367 Unique phishing sites received
96 Brands hijacked by phishing campaigns
80% of phishing sites targeted 6 brands
5.5 days is the average time a phishing site stayed online
31 is the highest number of days a phishing site stayed online
The last number is what’s most interesting to me.
It means that for the entire month of October, there is was at least one phishing site that didn’t get shut down.
If this is the case, what does that say about the ability of our government/law enforcement (or any government/law enforcement for that matter), to combat identity theft on the Internet?