Hackers Want $1M for Mitt Romney’s Tax Records

There is always a great deal of scrutiny laid onto any presidential campaign as each side attempts to make their case for election.  The political backbiting can become very intense and people take sides and join in the slurs against the opponent.  In the last election, the opponents claimed President Obama was not a legal citizen and asked repeatedly for his birth certificate, which he produced but some then thought was a fake.

In the current presidential campaign, the subject of Republican hopeful Mitt Romney’s tax records has become the center of attention.  Many feel that he has not paid the taxes that every other American would pay and hackers are saying that they have located these records that Mitt Romney has refused to produce.

They want $1M for the tax records and if Romney really is hiding something and they truly have the records, it would be cheaper for him to pay them off. But first, do they even have the records?

How the Hackers Got the Records
On August 25th, 2012, a group reportedly walked into the Pricewaterhouse Coopers’ office building and found the tax forms that were filed by the Romney’s.  They claim that they simply walked in thanks to an insider who helped them.  Once inside, the group found an empty office and waited until the workday was through.  Then they went into the room where the physical files are kept, located Mr. and Mrs. Romney’s tax documents and made copies of them.

What the Group is doing With the Records
The group has sent packages to Pricewaterhouse Cooper’s office where the records were copied as well as the Democratic and Republican offices.  This package contained both copies of the documents and a flash drive with the scanned files on them.  They are attempting to extort money from the government or Mr. Romney by stating that the files are to be released to the general public on September 28th unless they are given a million dollars.  Finally, there are supposedly encrypted messages, messages that require a certain password to reveal the contents, to news outlets. If the money is not paid, the news outlets are to receive this password.

It is not known if this group actually has the tax documents of the Romney’s but if they do, this is a serious breach of security.  In this day and age of advanced technology it is highly implausible that these sensitive documents would ever be seen by anyone. But then again, how many other times have we seen government officials and others who should know better suffer consequences of a lack of security? Technology is growing at an incredibly rapid rate and hackers are often on the cutting edge of Internet and security matters.

Whether you like Romney or not, you have to agree that there is a serious security issue if this hacker group just walked right in and got all the documents they wanted. How do you keep your important documents secure? Do you believe these hackers really have Romney’s records?

–Guest post . . .

Lisa Mason is a content marketing specialist and often writes about technology, the Internet and security.