Free Keyloggers: Is downloading A Free Keylogger A Good Idea for Home and Small Business Protection

A keylogger is a program that monitors and records computer activity, specifically the keystrokes used while using your computer. There are some keyloggers available to download for free, while others cost some money to download. Find out what are the best keylogger programs available and how you can download and use a keylogger to protect yourself and/or your loved ones.
In this article, we recommend three keylogger programs you can download.
The quick links for downloading thesekeyloggers are here:
Web Watcher Keylogger – download
Spector Pro 6.0 Keylogger – Download
Spy Agent Keylogger – Download

A keylogger is a program that monitors and records computer activity, specifically the keystrokes used while using your computer. The name originated when people used to manually log the stroke of each key on a computer. Today there are keylogger programs available to consumers and businesses that do this tracking and storing for you.
You may have heard malicious keylogger stories in the news such as the spoiled bank heist in 2004 but these stories usually involve keylogger viruses or keylogger hacking that is illegal. There are illegal uses for keylogger software, which may include theft, identity theft, and credit or bank card fraud, as keystrokes can indicate what webpage you are accessing as well as what your user name and password is. In this article we are discussing the legitimate uses for keylogger programs.
Some legitimate uses for keylogger programs include determining the following information in your home or small business:
Is my spouse having an inappropriate relationship?
Is my spouse, or other relation, visiting inappropriate web sites?
Is my son or daughter safe on the computer?
Is my teen appropriate on the computer?
Is my employee using time wisely?
Is my employee honest?
Keylogger monitoring programs can allow the user to register all computer activity. Each program is unique but most will records everything that is typed whether documents, e-mails or instant messages.
Choosing a keylogger program depends really on two issues. One is do you have physical access to the computer that you want monitored? Many require physical access but there are some programs that allow you to monitor remotely. The second question to ask prior to purchasing and using a keylogger program is, “What is your purpose for using a keylogger program?” Is it to monitor a family member or employee? Among the many keylogger programs advertised, there are three stand out programs that can assist you if these are your goals.
Three Top Rated Keylogger Programs:
WebWatcher Keylogger
Webwatcher is a favorite that has won many editor’s choice awards. The unique feature of WebWatcher is that you do not have to have physical access to computer being monitored. You monitor the computer through the internet and you access the information from a private webs site using your own password. Another unique feature of WebWatcher is that it not only monitors but also offers some controls to limit options of computer users.
What WebWatcher Monitors:
*every keystroke, all typing
*e-mails (in coming & outgoing)
* on line chats
* instant messaging
* tracks every websites visited
*also can take screenshot pictures so you can see graphics, etc.
WebWatcher, the most comprehensive keylogger program available, is $97.00, though they do have some lower price points as well for this powerful keylogger software.
Spector Pro 6.0 is another well-reviewed keylogger program that is consistently described as reliable and easy to use. To use Spector Pro 6.0 you do need to have physical access to the computer being monitored. If that is not a problem, Spector Pro is good choice. Users like the look, organization and user-friendly interface of this one. One of the unique features of Spector Pro is the ability to monitor peer-to-peer activity. For example, music companies are taking illegal downloading very seriously. Illegal downloading can result in criminal charges or lawsuits so many parents want to monitor and stop this activity.
SpectorPro records all of the following:
* all keystrokes
* sent and received e-mails
* many of the most popular instant programs
* website history
* peer to peer activity
* also takes screenshots
Spector Pro is on sale for a one time only price of $99.99
SpyAgent has a unique angle as well. SpyAgent is for experienced, computer savvy people who want many settings and lots of options. SpyAgent is the most customizable keylogger program available. If you do not have physical access to the computer being monitored, SpyAgent can only access information via e-mail. SpyAgent provides high quality monitoring and also provides some controls such as blocking certain keywords or websites. I
SpyAgent monitors almost everything including:
* all keystrokes typed
* e-mails
* instant messaging
* web site history
* clipboard log
* also takes screenshots so you can see graphics
SpyAgent can be is available for download or purchase for $65.00.
You can also get SpyAgent as a free download through this link
You can also get an unsupported (may cause problems on your computer) free download of KGB Keylogger at
It is important to note that keylogger programs are different from antivirus, anti spyware and adware blocker programs. Unlike these programs, it is not monitoring software or programming; it is monitoring keystrokes which in turn can be translated into important information for you as a parent, partner or employer. Also, unlike these other protection programs, it is a one time service fee.
At this point, most basic keylogger programs are yours to use after purchase for as long as you want with no yearly re-purchase fee.
Keylogger programs can provide parents with peace of mind, protect employers from being taken advantage of by employees and settle many character questions for those in relationships. In addition to the programs reviewed here, there are other programs available designed specifically for these purposes as well as others, however, these three keylogger programs rank highest in providing generalized all purpose keylogger monitoring for small business and individuals.

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  1. I can vouch for the Spector Pro product, my wife and I use it and it works great.
    One point though, the same company, SpectorSoft, has a similar product called eBlaster, that allows you to monitor without physical access to the computer. In fact they even have an optional remote installer so you can send the program by email.
    So you can use either Spector Pro or eBlaster, they are both at

  2. I certainly vouch for the Spector Pro program. It is the best key logger avaliable; plus a lot more.
    Chats, emails, screen shots, it shows you everything. Breaks down Facebook and MySpace information seperatly as well.
    I have been using this on my child’s computer for some time; truly a first class product.

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