Facebook Friends that are not Fans of Disney -Or Its Most Shocking Secrets

Be careful what you fan for – and share among your Facebook friends or you may lose them – and the data on your computer to malware.

Facebook messages this weekend showed many “like” the fan page ’97 per cent of people have never seen Disney’s Most Shocking Hidden Message.’ Facebook users then have to like the page, spam (I mean share) it with all their friends and then jump through survey hoops to find out what anyone can learn on YouTube with a short and sweet search tool.

First, what are these “shocking hidden messages?” Allegedly they are sexually explicit subliminal messages in many of the Disney movies like Aladdin, The Littlest Mermaid and The Lion King. Does the pollen in Lion King really spell out “SEX?” Maybe, I didn’t see it when I viewed the videos. Does the priest get physically excited during the marriage ceremony of the Littlest Mermaid? Again, I have seen this movie over and over again and never noticed it. Can we believe everything we see on YouTube? Absolutely not.
But what could be even more damaging than the alleged sexual explicit subliminal messages encrypted in Disney children’s movies is the damage that liking such a group could do to your computer.
Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at Sophos (a malware and antivirus company) stated in an interview with SC Magazine, “Urban myths about rude images hidden subliminally inside Disney films have been spreading for decades, and computer technology makes it easier than ever for anyone with a copy of Photoshop to ‘augment’ images to show something fruitier than you would ever expect to see on Disney Time.
As Facebook grows in strength, and more and more millions of people become active users, we can expect to see a dramatic increase in scams like this – in this case designed to gain as many members as possible so they can be spammed or updated in the future with a malicious link, or requested to enter personal information.”
So what does the creator of this page get out of creating this page? First, they are able to obtain a great deal of information that can be sold or used again for spamming, phishing or malware schemes. Second, the opportunity to hopefully make lots of money with the completion of these surveys which they most probably have set up affiliate accounts to.
What do the Facebook fans get out of this? Nothing really, except the possibility of further scams or malware on their computer as well as losing some friends who may not want to be noticed by Disney’s Shocking Secrets.
But this isn’t the only hoax of this type on Facebook. Another recent one involved “Two free boxes of Cheerio’s.” Since many companies do make special offers of free products or samples when you fan their page, it’s quite possible that you could get two free boxes. Seeing such a message with “like” posted by a number of friends I went to the page myself only to find that it too was another such fan page where you first like them, then share them, then have to do surveys. I admit when I got to share them, I cancelled my page and went back to post a comment to all my friends that it simply wasn’t true. For Cheerio’s lovers it was a big blow, but not as big as it could be if we were all to fall into the sheep mentality common on social networking sites and liking and sharing any interesting tidbit that comes our way.
Apparently Facebook has seen the experts’ comments on this fan page and taken it down, because as of this writing I could no longer find it (however there are about 4 others with similar titles that have taken its place). The moral to this story is; if they won’t show you theirs don’t show them yours, no matter how intriguing the subject may be.
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