EFF Claims That We Are Suffering Warrantless Surveillance

The EFF, Electronic Frontier Foundation, has reported that there are revelations of a huge domestic surveillance program happening in the United States today. Reports in the Guardian and the Washington Post have been named as sources.

The Guardian reported that the NSA, National Security Agency, is gathering all of the call records of every single Verizon client in the United States. The report claims that Verizon is required to continually provide records for any calls made locally or abroad.

The Washington Post reported alongside the Guardian about how the NSA is already tapping into a number of different Internet companies. With access to those central servers, they can track a person’s movements as well as their contacts without much trouble at all. This includes video, audio, photos, documents, emails and various other Internet tasks.

The EFF claims that they have so much information now that they can literally piece together a time line of what has happened thus far. The time line basically alleges:

  • President Bush’s administration allegedly tapped phone lines without warrants after 9/11.
  • In 2006, EFF alleges that AT&T worker Mark Klein produced documents that proved they sent copies of all emails and Internet information to the NSA.
  • In 2006, several newspapers reported that congress admitted a huge database of call records from several of the big companies were being kept.
  • In 2009 the New York Times reported significant domestic communications collection was still going on according to the EFF.

Certainly in the wake of the 9/11 attacks the government had to implement some rules to allow them to hunt down the attackers. The problem is that the rules that were put in place at that time are now allegedly being used to do things that were never intended. Our basic rights as citizens are unalienable and should not be stepped on. Warrantless domestic surveillance has the potential to be abused at all levels of government. If it trickled down to our police officers, what types of problems would arise? Certainly our justice system could fall apart at the seams without a warrant system.

Not to mention, if hackers can get into these systems (and they have) how safe can all that information be?  It opens up a whole new world of identity theft, one we can little afford to encounter.

Now that this other information is coming to light, the EFF is convinced that we are about to face some major unauthorized information collection efforts. These efforts are fighting for transparency and to protect our basic individual rights. If you feel that you can help, you should contact the website and speak your voice loud and clear.