Download Stuffit Deluxe for Mac or for Windows?

If you want to try StuffIt Deluxe for your Windows machine,
this coupon will give you $40 off when you download.

You could download StuffIt Deluxe for your PC/Windows Machine.

In fact, the developers of StuffIt deluxe helped free their software from being available exclusively only on the Mac platform and moved StuffIt Deluxe to Windows/PC format as well.

StuffIt fine and secure way to compress files to send them off to friends/family/colleagues.

The latest version of StuffIt Deluxe lets you password protect your compressed files.

However, the question remains… why would you download StuffIt Deluxe to compress files for your PC when there are so many great free, open source programs for the Windows platform that accomplish the same thing?

We don’t recommend StuffIt for Windows users for this reason.  We think the program is fine, just more of a Mac rather than a Windows program.

However, for users on the Mac platform, StuffIt Deluxe is still a good program to download and compress files to good sizes for uploading.

StuffIt used to be the only way most people knew to making files smaller on Macs.

However, there is lots of freeware today which can accomplish the same tasks.

For the average user, StuffIt Deluxe is a really great program for opening files which have become corrupted or have other errors.

StuffIt does a great job when compression files get messed up.

However, that means that many users will only find use for StuffIt about once per month.

If you’re more of a power user, handling many compressed files on a daily or weekly basis, you’ll likely find StuffIt Deluxe to be an invaluable tool.

It’s just that most people aren’t trying to upload or download that many compressed files on a daily or weekly basis.

Also, just a little further info.

A friend on a Mac let us see his results from StuffIt Deluxe.

He couldn’t get the compression levels that StuffIt advertises you can get with their program.

Not sure if those tests are performed under optimal conditions, but they say you should be able to get 10-15% compression on MP3’s and 20-30% compression when working with JPEGs.

Stuffit also says that you can get compression levels as high as 98% for text files. However, he says he’s not ever been able to get close to that (and seemed quite disappointed about it).

The latest version of StuffIt creates files with .SITX extensions which itself can be a problem because it requires a new version of Stuffit Expander or StuffIt Deluxe to open files, and lots of people won’t be able to open files with the .stix extension.

But if you can use StuffIt Deluxe to make .zip files, which can be opened almost universally now, then it may be worth it.

If you want to try StuffIt Deluxe for your Windows machine,
this coupon will give you $40 off when you download.