Do Your Trust Your Internet Security? EZ Trust/CA Antivirus Security Review

CA Antivirus and Security Suite is one of the up and coming personal and business computer software systems. You may choose from a full suite of services or individual services. Free trial products include scans and antivirus protection. Read more for prices, information and a review of this reasonable priced and very effective antivirus system.

Computers don’t have a warm and fuzzy feel. It’s not like they are a treasure chest or sentimental hatbox full of mementos tied up in ribbons? Or are they? When computers hold not only your needed documents but also favorite documents, photographs and music, owners have good reason to hold their computers close to their hearts. Viruses, worms and Trojans threatened to damage or destroy not only your life’s work but also your life’s treasures.
There’s not just the precious to consider of course. The seemingly mundane, but personal information on your computer puts you at risk for the heartbreak of identity theft.
CA security products have really been moving up in ratings.
New features of CA Anti-Virus 2008:
*Automatic live updating
* Automatic file scanning
* Automatic e-mail scanning
* Scheduled hard drive scanning
* On-demand hard drive scanning
* Archive scanning
* Interactive virus detection messages
* Threat outbreak warning system
* File exclusion lists & file quarantine
The 2008 reviewers were happy with the new features of CA Anti-Virus 2008. They describe it as “very user friendly” and go on to say that “…CA seems to be scanning faster with this year’s version of the product.”
CA Anti-Virus 2008 has earned a B+ rating.
What would improve the rating?
“We would like to see improvement in CA’s customer support. Such an improvement would enhance our overall rating. With that said, we still consider CA anti-virus software a wonderful virus protection product and deserving of a B+ Rating.”
CA Anti Virus 2008 is available for $39.99 a year for the first year and renewals are just $29.99 annually.
Remember Anti-Virus protection protects your computer from threats but anti-virus protection does not protect the PC users from the spyware and the threats of identity theft.
CA also offers AC Anti-Spyware 2008. AC offers a free downloadable version that will detect but not delete spyware threats. It can be a helpful, free tool to find out how many spyware threats have targeted you. If you need one, AC Anti-Spyware 2008 is available for $39.99 a year and protects up to three PCs.
Features of AC Anti-Spyware 2008:
* Detects and removes spyware in real time
* Automatic updates
* Stop Annoying Adware Pop-Ups
* Helps prevent theft of personal data
* Improves PC performance
For those of you who want to protect the confidential as well as the sentimental, you may want to consider a security suite that offers comprehensive coverage in a single protection product, which makes suites a money saver all around.
However, memory is a consideration with security suites. If your PC has less than 1 gigabyte of memory, a security suite may slow down your computer.
CA offers a security suite CA Security Suite Plus for $69.99 that covers three computers and includes anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-phishing to further protect you from the risks of identity theft.
Features of the CA Security Suite Plus:
* Anti-Virus
* Anti-Spyware
* Personal Firewall
* Anti-Spam
* Anti-Phishing
* Parental Controls
* Data Backup
Taking an inventory of what you have in your PC is important. Are there not only necessary but personally important documents, photos or music stored on your PC? How much time do you spend on the computer? How often do you type in important personal information? Being aware of how you use your computer, whether it is a holder of hobbies, a personal treasure trove or survival pack can help you decide what types of protection you need. Think carefully about what you do and have on your computer because you can be sure that keyloggers, phishers and those who want to make you a victim of identity theft will know if you are not protecting yourself and your treasures.