Do You Worry about Online Privacy?

How many people do worry about their online privacy? How many take steps to protect it, and what are some things that you don’t want companies to do with your information? WebPro News takes a look at how Americans feel and now you can weigh in too, answer our questions at the end of the article.

Americans Anxious Over Online Privacy
Mike Sachoff | Staff Writer
The majority of Americans are concerned about what is being done with their personal information online according to a new poll from Consumer Reports.
The poll found that 82 percent of people are concerned about their credit card numbers being stolen online, while 72 percent are concerned that their online activity is being tracked and profiled by companies.
Over two-thirds (68%) of Americans have provided personal information to gain access to a Web site, but 53 percent said they were not comfortable with Internet companies using their email content or browsing history to send relevant ads, and 54 percent are uncomfortable with third parties collecting information about their online behavior.
The overwhelming majority (93%) of people think Internet companies should always ask permission before using personal information and 72 percent want the right to opt out when companies track their online behavior.
“Americans are clearly concerned with how their personal information is being collected and used by Internet companies,” said Joel Kelsey, policy analyst with Consumers Union. “The vast majority of consumers want more control over their personal information online and want the ability to stop internet companies from tracking and profiling them.”
The poll shows that people are taking steps to limit the information that is being compiled and shared about them online. Thirty-five percent use alternate email addresses to avoid providing real information; 26 percent use software that conceals their identity; and 25 percent have provided bogus information to access a Web site
People are aware that information about their surfing habits is being collected online, but many do not know what companies do with their information.
The majority (61%) believe what they do online is private and not shared without their permission. Just over half (57%) falsely believe that companies are required to identify themselves and indicate why they are collecting data.
Just under half (48%) incorrectly believe their consent is required for companies to use personal information they collect from online activities and 43 percent wrongly believe a court order is needed to monitor activities online.
“Many consumers have misconceptions about the information available about them and how commonly it is sold by companies without their knowledge,” said Kelsey. “Our poll makes clear that consumers want more control over the treasure trove of information companies are collecting about their activities online.”

What about you? What do you think? Should companies require you to give information just to view their website? For example, many newspapers now require basic information to create an account simply to read the news online. Should we have to provide our name and location? What do they do with this information? How is it used? And, have you every provided “false” or “fake” information or created an email address just for these reasons? Why? Share with Identity Theft Secrets your take on this important privacy issue.

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  1. And good luck trying to hold those responsible accountable.
    These companies use your data to make money for themselves and you suffer if they fail to take the proper safeguards.

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