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Description: Best email recovery software? Some comes from Disk Doctors Outlook Recovery Software. Email recovery can be a very frustrating experience, but it doesn’t have to be. Also includes coupon code for Disk Doctors Outlook recovery.

Disk Doctors Coupon Code for 15% off on Outlook Mail Recovery

Email Recovery Software
Disk Doctors has two pieces of software which are excellent for email recovery:

Disk Doctors Outlook Express Email Recovery Software
If you get frustrated trying to find and/or restore messages when you’re using Outlook Express, that’s not all that surprising. And it’s hard to find software that understands Microsoft’s proprietary .dbx files, which is what Outlook Express uses.

The Outlook Express Email Recovery Software from Disk Doctors has an understanding of how dbx files work from having reverse-engineered the process of how those files are created.

Disk Doctors program for Outlook Express includes a dbx repair tool which has been specifically developed for Microsoft Outlook Express. It can fix and recover these dbx files for you.

What most people don’t know about Outlook express is that it’s not really designed to hold lots of messages. If you use Outlook Express that way, it can cause problems for you and/or the dbx files. Disk Doctors Outlook Express Email Recovery Software works to seek out the Express files, recover them, and give them to you in a way that you can access them.

This program is specifically designed to counter the problems incurred when you have some kind of faulty anti-virus scan or an actual virus.

The other thing it will help you with is actual human error (and by that I mean if you accidentally delete an email that you wanted).

Outlook Mail Recovery Software Comprehensive
(The second specialized Disk Doctors program).
If you’re using the full version of Outlook (not just Outlook Express), then Disk Doctors Outlook PST Recovery is a good idea and good solution for you.

Outlook Mail Recovery is a program designed to repair corrupted Outlook .pst files.

When comparing Outlook Express to Microsoft Outlook, it’s easier to see that Outlook is much more involved.

Outlook lets you create calendars, manage contacts, send and receive emails, etc.

Outlook creates files called PST files.

And, PST files in Outlook can fail or have problems just like with Outlook Express.

But in Outlook, files can become corrupted when you do something as simple as upgrade from one version of Microsoft Office to another.

Disk Doctors says:

“Outlook Mail Recovery Program is the most powerful program for repairing .pst files ever created. PST files are the core of the Microsoft Outlook and as such we have built a program to repair these damaged files regardless of how changed or damaged they may have become.”

I don’t know if it’s the most powerful EVER created, as that is quite a bold claim, but there are thousands of cases of people being quite glad that they used Disk Doctors Outlook Mail recovery program to get back their email.

Disk Doctors Coupon Code for 15% off on Outlook Mail Recovery