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  1. Cell phone fraud? We are promoting a useful anti-cellphone solution called Txt2Lock. Basically… you install the s/w on your phone (cost $12 for life). If you lose it or have it stolen you just send a 6 digit code to the cell anywhere in the world (works on any network but limited to certain Nokia’s at the moment) and it will lock the phone (encrypt the phone and the SIM). This means you cannot use the SIM in another phone nor can you use another SIM in your phone – in fact the phone is useless!
    Highly recommended!!!
    Julian, ID Theft Expert, ID THEFT PROTECT

  2. We offer a suite of products that help with Identity Theft, before, during and after it happens. We cover the five common types of ID Theft, Drivers License, Social Security, Medical, Criminal and Financial. Most ID Theft victims will need the assistance of an attorney to help with the legal mess that comes with ID Theft. Most ID Theft victims do not have a clue as where to begin to restore their Identity. The do-it-yourself kit that the government gives out is a help, but most victims do not have the time or resources to follow through. Our Life Events Legal Plan,Identity Theft Shield and Legal Shield has been proven to help individuals with all types of ID Theft situations. In addition, we help business owners become ID Theft compliant based on new FTC mandated guidelines. For more information, you can contact CJ Eaden (idtking at yahoo.com) (change the at for the at symbol).
    C.J. Eaden, CITRMS

  3. I have helped hundreds of people protect their families and their personal identity. I don’t know what I would have done without this legal protection. Contact me for information on how you can protect your good name.
    (810) 394-3822

  4. I dont know what I would have done without this legal protection. Hundreds of people have told me the same. Contact me for the real story on how to protect your family from identity theft.

  5. What about someone able to get your password on your cell(to change Metro phone service)and dont say it’s not possible,my x”s new wife has done this to me 3 times, twice in one day.
    good thing Metro told me the new number that she transferred it to or my x or nobody would believe me. How does she hack in and get my info

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