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Gambling With Your Identity

I see it all the time.

Some person will be just crazy about how they handle their personal information.

I see this because I have been aware of computer crime and mail fraud since I became a victim of it myself in 1999.

Unfortunately, I had gotten a friend involved in what I thought was a really great deal.

It turned out to be a complete scam, and not only did it cost each of us $600, just as we were entering our sophomore year of college, but it also cost me the trust of a friend, and was the start of the loss of that friendship.

That was one of the most expensive lessons I have ever learned in my life.

I still will pay back this friend, with interest, though this event is more than 14 years ago now.

Gambling with your identity is much different than playing in a casino.

In a casino, you’re intentionally walking into a Gaming Club of some kind.

When you know you’re walking into a fantasy world, either through online gaming and gambling or in a real casino, you still know that you’re there to lose some money.

In real life, you may never know you’re walking into a trap.

When you buy that fake computer from a fake guy who is offering you a deal that’s just too good to be true, chances are very good that the deal really is too good to be true.

But unless you improve your skills and knowledge, and approach transactions with a healthy dose of skepticism, you will never see the trap, until it’s too late.


Like we’ve been recommending for years on this site, you should probably walk away from a situation where you know something just doesn’t feel right.

If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

If you get involved with someone who’s trying to scam you, it can end up being like you’re gambling with your identity.

If you lose your identity due to carelessness, it’s a tough and expensive lesson.

There’s really not much more to say today than this simple reminder to be alert, be aware, and get educated.

Make sure to protect your information and your identity, and have a plan in place before identity theft takes place.


How The Cloud Saves Your Data from Total Destruction

save your data in the cloud If you’ve needed to access work-related information from anywhere other than the office, you understand the inherent value of cloud computing. Cloud computing stores everything from graphs to policy briefings online, making them available to authorized users via the Internet. Not long ago, only large companies with a vast amount of expensive information networks could afford to give their employees this level of convenience and efficiency. Cloud storage gives small businesses a secure method of online backup while providing fluid access to information without the drawbacks of hard drives, flash drives and disks.

Have a Safety Net

While operating your small business on a cloud system of computing undoubtedly saves time and money, like any method of information storage, backup is essential. While a cloud system stores information on the Internet, a cloud backup system duplicates all online material before storing it with an online-storage service provider. Should your cloud system become compromised or damaged, the only method of protection is using an online backup service, which can be a life saver.

Proactive Damage Prevention

Imagine there’s a major technological catastrophe at your workplace. Someone hacks into the network and damages the cloud. That means every link, connection, contract and categorized folder inside the cloud is potentially damaged. Now think about this: How much money would your company lose if your entire bank of information was inaccessible for several days or more?

  • A major corporation with hundreds of IT specialists can perform damage control by attempting to recover as much intact information as possible.
  • As a small business, the recovery period is likely to take much longer, costing more time and money than necessary.

Total Recovery

Most small-business owners keep copies, either hard or virtual, of only their most important files, such as tax information or patent designs. Unfortunately, this information isn’t necessary for successful day-to-day operations, and the data that is critical to keep the business running smoothly is rarely backed up.

  • When it comes to preserving profitability, all documents, information and contact lists become vital.
  • Installing cloud backup is like adding a layer of carbon paper to your pad. Once installed, everything you have stored or will store in your cloud automatically transfers to an off-site virtual vault, where it remains until needed.

System & Program Storage

Accessing daily operational documents is only half the battle when it comes to running your small business. Another important feature of cloud backup is system and program storage.

  • Imagine that in addition to your documents, graphs and individual files, your business relies on three separate programs for estimating contractor fees, delivering paychecks and viewing potential worksites with detailed underground utility maps. Cloud backup not only stores these programs, it also preserves any information normally stored in each program.
  • A cloud system lets you control which employees have access to specific information. Having online backup means preserving the security settings for each individual program and file. When you implement cloud backup, the security settings are automatically installed.

Fast Access

Should your cloud system become inaccessible or damaged, the cloud backup lets you continue operating your business by immediately providing a duplicate version of your entire cloud. Exact procedures depend on the backup software, but you can be assured that implementing the cloud backup storage takes less time and costs less money than correcting a corrupted system.

Promt Professional Translation Software

Promt Professional Translation Software
Plus coupon code for Promt software for your personal computer

We’ve already talked quite a bit about Promt translation software and about the unique abilities to translate all languages, including Russian, from the software.

Simply by having the Promt software running, you can be reading and writing in chat programs in the language of the person you’re chatting with.

This is incredible technology which allows you near real-time abilities to shrink communication barriers while understanding nearly everything that’s being said.

No translation software is 100% perfect, but Promt’s level of experience gives them a near unparalleled advantage in the translation software space. Continue reading Promt Professional Translation Software

Are You Trading Time For Dollars, But Not Time For Gold?

Premise: You’re Already Investing, You just don’t know it.

Before you read this article, please note… I am a guest poster on identityTheftSecrets. The views and opinions I am about to express may or may not reflect those of the owners of this site. I am not a financial advisor or an attorney.

All decisions you make are yours and yours alone. I am going to state what I see now, and what I see coming in the next couple of years. While I have done extensive research on both gold buying and identity theft, your investment and gold buying (or non-investment and/or non-gold buying) decisions are yours and yours alone. Having read this article does not constitute professional advice in any way. Buy whatever you think is best (gold, silver, copper, neodymium, europium, oil, stock, cows, whatever… based on what you decide is right. Just whatever you do, have an educated opinion based on real information). Continue reading Are You Trading Time For Dollars, But Not Time For Gold?

How to Spot a Fake: Gold, Silver, and Dealers

With prices of gold and silver on the rise, it’s important to remember basic strategies in spotting fakes to prevent getting swindled.  Even good dealers can mistakes, so it’s up to you, the receiving party, to verify the coin or bar’s authenticity.

Here is how to spot fake gold and silver.

Real Gold

The easiest (though not always the most accurate) way to tell real gold from fakes is by its color.  Gold has a dull golden sheen while those alloyed with copper and silver tend to have a reddish tint.

Gold is also surprisingly heavy.  It is in fact much heavier than silver, lead, and tungsten (which are some of the metals used in making counterfeits).  After gaining some experience, you’ll find that fake gold coins will often weigh as little as half the amount of real gold.

Just because a piece of gold looks right doesn’t mean it is pure gold.  Oftentimes, fakes will have a coating of gold to fool the buyer.  Because destructive methods in which you scratch the gold is undesirable, you may consider investing in a tool called a Fisch.  A Fisch has the standard coin shape, thickness, and diameter built into its plastic body and uses a simple balancing mechanism to see if there is enough weight within the physical parameters to be authentic gold.  It works on many types of coins, including American Eagle, Maple Leaf, and British Sovereign. Continue reading How to Spot a Fake: Gold, Silver, and Dealers

Spotmau, NOT Sportmau Powersuite or Spotmay Powersuite

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We’ve got a review coming up of SpotMau Powersuite.

But something we’ve noticed in our review of spotmau is that lots of people like to call it Sportmau, not Spotmau.

It’s an easy mis-typing… sportmau instead of Spotmau.

In addition to Sportmau, the other frequent mis-typing of Spotmau seems to be Spotmay.

That’s also a very easy mis-typing. The y in Spotmay is right next to the u.

If you’re one of the people who ended up here looking for Spotmau Powersuite or another Spotmau product, but instead typed in Sportmay or Spotmay or Sportmau, you’re in luck.

We’ve got a coupon code for you below for Spotmau, which will save you 10% on any purchase of Spotmau Golden Edition.

Spotmay is designed to be the ultimate tool for PCs to maintain and optimize your computer’s performance. Spotmau is designed to be easy to install and use from within Spotmau PowerSuite’s interface is also designed to be simple.

Again, if you’ve mis-typed it, it’s Spotmau, not SpoRtmau, SportmaY or Spotmay.

And if you’re looking for a coupon code to save money on Spotmau, the coupon below will save you at least 10%.

Save 10% on Spotmau Powersuite
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Backblaze Offer Code

Backblaze offers discounts on computer backups via offer codes.
Click below for the latest offer code we’ve been able to find.

Some companies offer discount or coupon codes for saving money on their services. Backblaze does the same thing for backing up your computer, only they do it using the term “offer codes.”

Basically an offer code from Backblaze is the same thing as a discount or coupon elsewhere online.

U.S. News and Word Report says that “Backblaze Is Simplest Way Yet to Back Up PC Files,” and that may be true.

What’s great about Backblaze is how they have been able to keep their costs extremely low through heavy duty but simple innovation.

They build their own storage units, or “clusters” for storing your data. This means that someone from Backblaze physically touched the drive that your information is stored on.

By way of comparison, other data storage companies often buy the physical equipment for storing your data from server companies that build the equipment. Continue reading Backblaze Offer Code

Workshare Promo Code

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Today’s post really is just to talk about the promo code above. We’ll have a review of Workshare later on this week or next. However, we’ll share some of the basics about Workshare now.

Lots of attorneys use Workshare already because it is more effective for them to compare code and notes side by side using Workshare than using the code markup tools in Word.

But you don’t have to be an attorney to see the value from using a program like Workshare Compare or Workshare Professional.

The reason people really like Workshare is because the perception is that Word (from Microsoft) does a pretty poor job of tracking revisions to documents. Continue reading Workshare Promo Code

Nuance Discount Codes

5% Discount Code off Nuance Paperport:

5% Discount Code off Dragon Naturally Speaking:

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The basic core function of Nuance as a business is to acquire or develop, and effectively market/distribute technology which recognizes human voices. The advanced technology, and the code which runs this technology for Nuance, is really incredible.

And the code running the software makes a difference in people’s lives.

Nuance has solid voice recognition technology. This has given people with physical disabilities the means to have their voice transcribed, as well as turned into meaningful commands for computers and technology.

Instead of being confined to no longer communicating after a physical disability happens (due to accident or illness or simply being born physically challenged) people can change their circumstances and capabilities simply by learning voice commands.

The disabled now have the same access to basic conveniences which the non-disabled often take for granted.

But non-disabled people know many of these conveniences as essential to our every day lives.

If you want, you can read these stories on the Nuance website under the “I Speak Dragon” section.

Really powerful to see a strong company with a strong code of ethics producing software which really does have a positive impact in the world.

Nuance software is also helping to prevent something you’ve maybe heard of, but don’t understand the dangers of.

Distracted driving is a term which relates to people attempting to text while driving.

Who are these people? If you’ve texted while driving, go see the movie 8 pounds with Will Smith.

If you still think that texting while driving is okay, and think it couldn’t happen to you, then shame on you. Seriously.

Especially when the technology exists today, and there’s even a discount code available, for making voice-enabled phone interactions, and even texting, simple to do with the power of your voice.

You really shouldn’t be doing anything while driving, except driving. But if you must “text”, at least text with your voice.

Look at some of the things that a strong code of ethics has allowed Nuance to create:

– Nuance has more than 6,000 employees
– Nuance has more than 35 regional offices
– Nuance has sales representation in more than 70 countries
– Nuance has achieved 40 percent compound sales growth over six years
– Nuance speech solutions support up to 50 different languages
– Nuance holds more than 1,000 patents and patent families
– Nuance maintains one of the world’s largest libraries of speech data
– Nuance solutions are used in nearly two-thirds of Fortune 100 companies

Through a strong code of ethics, Nuance also works to be aware of and create solutions to environmental challenges doing business can create. There are many examples of what Nuance does to help the environment (social, cultural, and ecological) in the countries where they operate.

I know you’re just here to get the discount codes, so I’ll get to those shortly.

But here are a few cool “green” things Nuance is doing include efficient lighting in their offices and fair-trade coffee in Nuance break rooms. They also offer employees telecommute kinds of work when possible and give new employees reusable water bottles and coffee mugs.

Since you’re probably just here for the Nuance discount codes (rather than to read more about Nuance’s code of ethics) I’ll give those discount codes to you now.

However, suffice to say that this is a company worth noting, and one I am impressed by.

5% Discount Code off Nuance Paperport:

5% Discount Code off Dragon Naturally Speaking:

5% Discount Code off Dragon Dictate (for Mac):

5% Discount Code off MacSpeech Scribe:

If there are discount codes for Nuance that you would like to see, please let us know (comment below) and we will do our best to find those coupon codes for you.