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Identity Fraud and Health Insurance: How You can Protect Yourself

The Obama Administration recently began partnering with major insurers in order to battle against health care fraud and starting in June the federal government along with state investigators and health insurance companies will begin sharing data and best practices to prevent not only billions of dollars in questionable payments, but to also safeguard the insured consumers.

Americans Losing Their Privacy?

From: The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the program review is ongoing, said it would be helpful if Congress would pass legislation that explicitly says DHS is responsible for helping private sector companies protect themselves against cyberattack. Also, the legislation should say that companies can be protected from certain privacy and …

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Switching Cell Phone Carriers Again – Net10

With all of the options for cell phones today, it becomes difficult to decide which company is best. One of the companies I’ve come across is NET10. With Net10, you pay one flat rate, and then everything is included. I like this unlimited feature because one of my big frustrations with my other cell phone plans has been that they eventually end up billing me for some unknown charges.