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What’s in Your Email and What Should You Do with It? Four Favorite Schemes

Unfortunately SPAM mail is a part of having the convenience of email. Whether the information for your email address is bought, stolen, hacked or “borrowed” from a forwarded message most people will agree that they get some of these sorts of messages each month. Here are a few good ways to protect yourself:

Peek a Boo I See You: Facebook Searches Show All

Facebook decided to do away with the option of hiding yourself from the site’s search feature because they claim that only a small percentage of people use this option. What exactly is a small percentage to a company that sees literally billions of users each day? It could be thousands, if not millions, of users that wanted to protect their privacy.

Secrets to Keeping Track of Family Records

Managing a family’s affairs requires keeping track of important records and paperwork. The problem with so many papers is that households can end up struggling to find ways to organize the paperwork and find storage solutions for necessary items that are not needed at the particular time. In addition, securing these documents can be a …

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Too Good to be True: Federal Grant Scams

I received a very strange phone call today. My caller ID said that the number was “unavailable.” I usually ignore calls from numbers that I don’t recognize but today I was feeling froggy and decided to answer it. An unfamiliar man’s voice with a very thick accent asked if he was indeed speaking with Ally …

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