Credit Cards

Managing Your Financial Security in the Era of Google Wallet

New financial services can keep you secure, or put you at risk Tech bloggers fantasize about the days when wallets will be obsolet e— all your business cards, photos, credit cards, and ID will be stored on your smartphone. While this can make your financial life more risky, it can actually be a more secure …

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Jail time for unpaid debts: Debtors prison making a comeback?

According to the ACLU: “The sad truth is that debtors’ prisons are flourishing today, more than two decades after the Supreme Court prohibited imprisoning those who are too poor to pay their legal debts. In this era of shrinking budgets, state and local governments have turned aggressively to using the threat and reality of imprisonment to squeeze revenue out of the poorest defendants who appear in their courts.”

Time share fraud: I don’t have time for them!

before you can say “Let’s go to Disney!” that credit card information is being used as a stolen card and many charges for now stolen goods are adding up until it reaches that maximum capacity (or maximum balance) stage. Or maybe they are using that credit card information to create a whole new you, and not the one that returns back home ready to work and handle daily life’s stresses, but a whole new identity involving you.